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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter eggs!

Happy Easter!

 The Under-Gardeners, Spice Girls and Pearl
supply us with so many beautiful eggs!
Friends who call in, know that they will be
offered a box of eggs :-)

The eggs are in a lovely assortment of colours,
each hen has her unique egg-shell tint
and I can tell which has laid each egg
(I should get out more!)

The sizes vary too . . .

Did you spot the tiny egg in the second photo?
It was found in a nest that blew out of
a tree in a winter storm,
I think it must have been an
abandoned Chaffinch's nest.

Oh, and the huge egg
what bird* would lay a huge
primrose coloured egg?

I bought that from a stall at the
local farmers' market this morning . . .
I couldn't resist!!!
Can you guess who laid it?

As if I need more eggs!

But we don't buy chocolate eggs
and I just had to have it to decorate.

I think that painting a design on
an enormous egg is the perfect thing
to fill a cold Easter afternoon.

Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend,
whether you've found some sunshine
or snuggled on the sofa watching
the Boat Race on the telly.


* Can you guess who laid the egg?
I realised that I say hello to them
on one of my favourite local walks.


Well I knew someone would get the answer right soon...

Yes Su it is indeed a Rhea egg :-)

And clever Wendy is absolutely right, it's Mr Rhea who incubates the eggs for 40 days and nights before the little Rheas hatch.

The egg is from this farm: http://www.oakviewpoultry.co.uk which we pass when we walk one of our favourite routes around 'The Camps' just a skip over the border into Cambridgshire.

To give you a better idea of the size of the Rhea's egg, an average hen's egg weighs 60g, the Rhea's egg weighs 456g! I'm now going to very very carefully blow the egg and make the contents into a baked custard sprinkled with Nutmeg.

Then I can decorate the eggshell ... I'll show you in the next post.


PS: What about the Boat Race!!!! Blimey what a shocker :-O


  1. Oooh, eggs and primrose - so beautiful!
    ...that giant egg.... is it a goose?

  2. Lovely eggs - is the large one an ostrich egg?

  3. Gorgeous eggs! Your various Ladies do a fabulous job - makes me more keen to one day have my own feathery friends at home (our garden is big enough for 2 or 3 anyway).
    I think that's a Canada Goose egg?

  4. What a beautiful basket of eggs! Hmm, was it a duck who laid the egg? I'm actually clueless! LOL!!!

    Happy Easter!

  5. How pretty. The giant egg isn't a Gift from Winklesea is it :)
    Have a lovely Easter
    Twiggy x

  6. Good guesses! No-one has got it right yet.

    Su... so very close but wrong!

    Twiggy... I had to google that one! An excellent guess, wrong but excellent!


  7. Is the large egg a turkey egg?

  8. It's a Rhea! Jim-up-the-lane has rescue rheas (imagine!) and sells hatching eggs just like this. It's Mr Rhea that does the sitting you know...

  9. We had three rheas - Fish, Chips and Peas. I loved them to bits but they were dippy, very, very dippy. Beautiful eggs.

  10. Gorgeous flowery egg basket. I'm too late to guess the egg, but I'd not have got it. And goodness, the boat race, what a shocker!

  11. I'm too late for the guessing.But I did recognise Araucana eggs!

  12. How delightful! We have our very-first-ever chicks, brooding in our garage. We're excited about keeping chickens, and hope to give them good lives.

  13. Beautiful eggs!
    We were just hanging up our painted egg collection this morning, we've kept the ones we've been blowing and painting since Rhi was very small (or at least we've kept most of them - some came a cropper at various times!) I thread pretty ribbon through them, and we hang them on a Hibiscus and Ficus tree that we keep indoors in the winter. They look very pretty :) Since Rhi was 14 last Sunday we have amassed a fair collection; although not nearly as many as this gentleman in Germany: http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourcommunity/2012/04/whats-the-best-way-to-decorate-easter-eggs.html#igImgId_35800

  14. what a beautiful Easter arrangement. I love the colours of the eggs and flowers.
    Happy Easter.

  15. You chickens are very productive I'm still only on one egg a day from my girls.

  16. Your eggs look beautiful without the decoration, what variations in colour and size.

    Happy Easter!

  17. Happy Easter to you, Celia!

    Your primroses and eggs create a beautiful spring message.

    (Before reading this post I don't think that I have ever heard of a rhea. Thank you for improving my bird knowlege.! xo

  18. happy easter ! your eggs are beautiful x

  19. Loved the way you presented the egggs and photographed them. i would never have guessed the large egg but look forward to seeing it decorated...wouldn't have minded the egg custard either...just love it! Better add myself to your followers so that I can see what's next! joan

  20. What beautiful images Celia - I adore that tiny egg especially. Hope you've been having a lovely weekend.

  21. Love your basket of eggs! Would not have guessed the Rhea even if I had got here earlier. Why don't my eggs look like that. I just bring them inside and put them in a tray in the pantry. Pedestrian, that's me! Glad there are people like you out there too.

  22. Hope you had a good Easter Celia.

    Such pretty eggs from your girls - well done them!

    How about that Boat Race then - phew!



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