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Monday 5 March 2012

A March gale in The Wild Wood

I usually have to explain that The Wild Wood (the pocket of land on the edge of our garden with a few trees on it) is neither a wood nor wild . . . but today it's very wild!

Most of yesterday is rained – very welcome rain in this the driest part of the dry south-east of England; then it snowed! and the wind got up . . . it's now blowing like billy-o (whatever that means).

Apparently it's gusting to 44mph, which in Shipping Forecast terms is a Fresh Gale 8; the definition of which is:

"Twigs and small branches
are broken from trees,
walking is difficult."

And as I've just come inside after a short walk to the post box and around the church yard, I can assure you they're bang on . . . in fact it underplays things as tad, as a whole tree has crashed down in the garden behind the post box.

We've already had a short power cut; and as I'm busy working on a large number of digital illustrations for a publisher, that wasn't a relaxing moment! Luckily not too much work was lost and the power is back on again. So, let the wind blow and the rain fall! This is a good week to be tied to the computer . . . that's as long as the power stays on . . . fingers crossed!



  1. Ah, stay cosy indoors and make prints - sounds like the best plan (oh and don't forget the hot drinks!).
    I love the sound the trees make, when the wind really blows; so long as you can be reasonably confident that they won't blow down on your head/house/garden!
    We just had our big trees pruned. They cut a lot of dead wood out of the willow, so I'm quite glad it was done, as it's quite breezy here just now also (rural Bedfordshire). And yes, we do so need the rain (though today it is sunny again)!
    Have a good week and I hope the power holds up, so you can complete your commission!

  2. It's pretty much the same here too, we even had similar weather yesterday and I could not get warm, even with my hot-water bottle.

    High winds make me feel very unsettled so I am not too good again today. Tomorrow might be better.

  3. The weather is so weird here too, Spring keeps showing itself, convincing me to get in the garden and then low and behold snow yesterday

  4. Hi Lizzie - yes I like to hear the wind in the trees. Not much printmaking while I'm working on these illustrations.

    Hi Toffeeapple - I can understand how the wind is unsettling - I didn't get a good night's sleep last night.

    Hi Viking - hold off with sowing seed outdoors until you'd be happy to sit your bare bum on the soil (that's what my Dad told me) and I wouldn't recommend that this week!


  5. Definitely been a blowy one today hasn't it? I love the sound of the wind in the trees too, so I can almost forgive it for making it hard to stand up! Tipping it down again here too now, but you're right, the garden is in such need of it, and we'll be thankful when everything is looking lush and green and new soon!


  6. It's raining like billy-o too here - I must have got soaked three separate times today! Yuk! xCathy

  7. Don't you just love that calm, reassuring voice on the shipping forecast...trees crashing down, mountainous waves being hurled over the breakwater,half the fishing fleet scattered about the North Sea...and "gales easing by 2100 hours."

    And "Blowin' like Billy-o" probably referred to Stevenson's steam engine, the Puffing Billy.

  8. Celia, your video really captures a certain sort of windy day. One that invites us to witness nature and its power, perhaps suggests that we stay indoors!

    I did love the shipping news quote as well.

    Hoping that your hens know how to handle all that breezy excitement. xo

  9. I hope you remember to save your work Celia, there is nothing worse than loosing your files when the power goes off.

  10. Yikes. It sounds a lot like the weather we are experiencing here.
    Last week we had winds gusting at 55 mph!


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