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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Out of the swamp came . . .


Early this morning Cliff spotted these two newly emerged dragonflies drying their wings as they sat on plants near the edge of the shallow Dragonfly Pond. I think they are Southern Hawkers, Aeshna cynea (perhaps Dean of that amazing showcase of insects Mostly Macro will confirm this for us).

This one is still sitting on its nymph case or exuvia to use the correct term – look at the transparent shields that covered the eyes when it lived under water (click on the pictures to enlarge). I have a collection of these fragile cases in my studio, they are like miniature models for a sci-fi horror movie!


  1. When I get round to it, a pond is at the top of my list of must have garden features. To be able to sit and watch dragonflies emerge and grace the air with their beauty is something to aspire to; quite envious!



  2. Southern Hawkers they are Celia. The 2 oval markings behind the head are diagnostic. Well done.

    A female was seen egg laying in my pond last year. I`ll have to wait till at least next year to see them emerge.

  3. Celia, these are magnificent, and such amazing photography. One of my very first posts on my garden blog is of what I thought to be a Southern Hawker. Now Dean has confirmed yours are, I can compare. Thanks for the milkfloat link Celia, I shall investigate later. x

  4. They are beauties. One of the main reasons for having a pond, I think. That and the frogs.

  5. Amazing Photography! You have captured these two dragonflies very beautifully.

  6. Yes - buggy-things make the best reference for 'scary creatures'!

  7. That is the most stunning photograph - beautiful!

  8. Beauty, indeed.We see dragonflies now and then, but not having our own creek or dam we miss much.

  9. Wonderful shots.
    An Artist's Garden

  10. Hi Zoe - a pond is worthwhile, it takes a few years for the wildlife to move in so put it near the top of your list!

    Hi Dean - than you! Hope you see the dragonflies emerge next year and have your camera with you!

    Hi Louise - we now know to look for the oval marks on the Southern Hawker's head.

    Hi Threadspider - it's a thrill to see all the diffferent wild creatures enjoying our pond.

    Hi Green Thumb - thak you - I'm sure you must see fabulos dragonflies in India.

    Hi tlc - close-ups of insects can be very very scary!!!

    Hi Gina - I think I should base a print design on this one.

    Hi Dinahmow - the dragonflies soon moved in when the discovered our enlarged shallow pond and bog garden.

    Hi Karen - dragonflies sit very still when they have just emerged, so I could take my time with the photos.


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