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Monday, 21 July 2008

The gallery is now a . . .

At the weekend the sun shone and lots of people visited and chatted and walked round the garden and studio. So thank you everyone for visiting, I know that on Saturday afternoon the main road to Cambridge was closed because of a very serious road accident – so I hope your journeys home weren't too difficult.

Once again I met some familiar bloggers – on Saturday Sarah and Jon of For what is Chatteris called in after a day exploring Suffolk. They are both enthusiastic printmakers and like me they sell some of the work on Etsy and belong to Printsy: Printmakers of Etsy. And on Sunday Fiona, The Cottage Smallholder herself, drove over from her cottage – I love following her recipes and tales of her beloved 'min-pins' and the ducks hatched by Mrs Boss the bantam. All weekend the hens had attempted to accompany visitors into my vegetable garden, I warned people NOT to let the hens through the green door in the wall! But with two weekends hatching a plan, the under-gardeners spotted that Fiona was easily distracted and side-stepped her into the vegetable garden and headed straight for the lettuce and sorrel! It took some well practiced manoeuvring with the aid of a long curved stick to herd them back!

Today things are returning to normal – or are they? This morning Cliff asked me if he could move my display baskets of unframed prints and cards so that he could replace them with these . . .

. . . what are the green things on the table and what's going on? I'll put correct answers into a hat at the end of the week and the lucky winner will receive a pack of assorted cards.


  1. Oh gosh... they look like some type of giant seed or nut but I haven't a clue really... do walnuts look like that?
    Pleased you had another good weekend Celia. Things picked up here on Sunday but it feels good to have finished.

  2. I'm so glad the Open Days were successful and I'm sorry not to have been close enough to visit.
    As for the green things-I wondered if they might be walnuts at first, but in the interests of being different I'm guessing a variety of plum!

  3. Since I know that your hens are not laying bronze eggs, especially not in that sort of quantity, despite the luxury diet of sorrel and lettuce. I'd have to guess at some sort of heritage tomato.
    I'm glad you had a good second weekend opening your studio.

  4. Well first of all you have been washing them and they are on racks to dry with paper underneath to absorb the water. So, I think they are some kind of fruit or veg. As it is nigh impossible to grow toms. out doors in the UK I think it is more likely to be fruit and plum or greengage is my guess. Too much attention for making jam so you are either making a huge plum crumble for the local village fete or packing them away in the freezer for the winter.

  5. Well done! You have some talents. But what are they?!


  6. David! Champion of good old British grub! Surely you've come across these!!!!! Have a guess!


  7. Unshelled walnuts ready for pickling?? Do they have to be washed and dried first? They also remind me of those stinky thousand year old eggs from Asia.

    Great that this last weekend was a good one too and fantastic that you met several more bloggers!

  8. I see Silverpebble already named what I think they are... those funky 1,000 year old eggs from Chinese cuisine. Sounds like you had a great open studio... and I love the work of Spoonergregory, nice blog too!

    Happy Days,

  9. They look a bit like fresh walnuts to me - are you pickling? Ah, I see Emma thinks the same thing ...

  10. Stop, wait... can I have another guess? Are they Italian prunes?

  11. I think they might be tomatilos - good for salsas etc

  12. well I surely don't know what they are. My guess is stone eggs.

    It sounds like another fruitful weekend Celia -- well done.

  13. Thank you for all your imaginative suggestions - the answer has now been revealed and the winners announced.




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