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Thursday, 17 July 2008

It's arrived!

This morning the postman rang the bell on our gate post and waited patiently . . .

As he has been the village postman for many years he knows all the houses in the village – which 'Rose Cottage' is which, 'The Old Bakery' from 'The Old Bakehouse', knows where all the letterboxes are situated and where to leave letters at those houses which have no letterbox, and most importantly he knows that it may take me some time to run from my studio or the garden to collect the mail.

We had a chat about the amazing efficiency of Amazon and the clever system they have at the Post Office for scanning the bar code on the cardboard packing which allows Amazon to track every delivery.

In my studio, I settled down with a mug of tea
and opened the package . . .

. . . congratulations Charlotte, Freddie and Alex!!!!!
Your book looks fabulous!

For those who may not know Charlotte's blog, The Great Big Vegetable Challenge charts the journey of Freddie as he conquers he fear of the unknown (vegetables) and emerges triumphant! I first came across Charlotte on a forum where she was requesting interesting recipes for vegetables beginning with 'c'. The Great Big Vegetable Challenge was one of the first blogs I read and like dozens of other bloggers we've accompanied Freddie every step of the way - and we're soooooooo proud of him and of his mum Charlotte for devising such a cunning plan to get him to eat peas.

I'm looking forward to reliving their adventures and cooking some of Freddie's favourite vegetable recipes.

I've been reliably informed that although they have reached the end of the vegetable alphabet this is not the end of Charlotte and Freddie's blogging and a new exciting challenge will begin soon.

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