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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Annual trip in the car

This morning I had to take the studio assistants for the annual trip in the car (to see the vet and to have their vaccination booster injections), we locked the cat-flap when they came in for their breakfast and then it was into cat carriers and into the car. They behaved very well when they saw the vet – she remembers them being brought in as tiny foundlings so always makes a big fuss of them and tells them how pleased she is they have a lovely home.

"I'm so pleased to get back to work in the studio! My sister's gone out for a walk, she says there's some magic leaves in the garden which turn her into a tiger! Girls – always making stuff up!"

The Ginger One


The Tabby One


  1. hehe, love the pussy cats. Ours are acclamitising to the heat by lolling around more than normal.

    Also just to let you know you've got an award on my blog http://www.smallestsmallholding.com/

    You don't have to forward the award or display the icon, but I wanted you to see it nonetheless :)

  2. Magic - those assistants are rather charismatic. Well done on getting them to the vets so easily!

  3. Hello, I've just stumbled upon your lovely blog. I was attracted to its title, as I am also growing purple podded peas!I also have two cats really similar to your studio assistants, and they are also brother and sister and ginger and tabby!
    Have a good day!

  4. I love the way Chester's crossed his feet! (And Rusty agrees that girls are a touch on the fanciful side!)

  5. Hi Lucy - thank you for the award - how thrilling!

    Silverpebble - the assistants were easily tricked into their baskets - they'll soon be older and wiser!

    Karen - welcome to PPPs! I've had a quick look at your cats - they're the spitting image of my assistants! How crazy!

    Hi Moreidlethoughts - Chester strikes a cool pose doesn't he! So different from his little sister!



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