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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Cambridge Open Studios 2008 – weekend 3

The studio is open again this weekend. After a huge deluge of rain early this morning, the sun is out and it's a bright but breezy summer's day.

You'll have to imagine the sound and movement in this image - the miscanthus grass makes a fantastic rustling sound in the wind and the shadows cast on the patio are constantly moving. The tabby studio assistant is watching goings on, she'll disappear when a stranger arrives – but will be watching!

It's on sunny days like this that I love working in this room – with the studio door open I can hear the rustly grass and the hens quietly chatting to each other. The large frames on the walls display some examples of my digital illustration work – commissioned house 'portraits; one of my current projects, illustrations and diagrams for a GCSE Geography course; and some examples of work for a series of history books.


  1. Your studio looks wonderful Celia - wish I could have come to visit.

  2. Hope you have a great weekend with loads of visitors to the studio. I'm going to look at a photographer in Ely tomorrow, hopefully along with a family walk around Roswell Pits. Your recent post on devils dyke has put it on my must visit soon list.

  3. That looks wonderful! It's got me really craving a real garden this morning (plus feathered and furred assistants, of course)

  4. Cats love to hide in the undergrowth, don't they. You have a great studio space Celia, which must inspire you when coming up with ideas for future projects. x

  5. Gina - shame our open days coincided - I'm pleased yours was a great success.

    Rhiannon – I've read about Roswell Pits, have fun exploring!

    Organic Viking – your small garden is great - I'm sure you'll get a bigger patch one day!

    Louise - the Tabby One love s watching from a hiding place! Too many ideas!



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