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Friday, 4 July 2008

Cambridge Open Studios 2008

This weekend sees the start of Cambridge Open Studios 2008, the guide this year lists 169 studios which you can visit for free over the next four weekends. My studio will be open on weekends 2 and 3, that's 12/13th and 19/20th July (number 160 in the guide and on the web site) so as well as doing some dusting and hanging pictures I hope to visit some of the other studios this Saturday or Sunday.

The room next to my studio will become a mini gallery for a fortnight, I've already started to tidy up and hang pictures. Here are three digital illustrations of some of my favourite vegetables from the garden, they are printed on 100% cotton, acid free, fine art paper, and I'm really pleased with the results from my new inkjet printer. However, most of my pictures are hand-printed limited edition block prints, the landscape above the mantlepiece is a woodcut printed on Japanese paper and is inspired by memories of the dramatic seaweed covered rocks on Eriskay in the Western Isles.

There's a feeling of anticipation with a tinge of panic preceding opening your studio to the public – so good luck everyone taking part this year!


  1. We're open the same weekends Celia... I've been frantically cleaning up my studio all day today. I couldn't see the floor this morning for fabric and threads.
    Good luck with yours and sorry we won't be able to pop in!

  2. Hi celia, the mini gallery's looking lovely already. I intend to drop in next weekend. Hope next week isn't too stressful leading up to the event.

  3. Good Luck with the open Studio! I wish I could come and visit and I wish they would do something like that here in my region- we have many artists living around the place and we have lots of tourists visit in the summer.

  4. Oh! If I was still in Cavendish I'd pop over in a flash! Good wishes for the studio tours; your gallery looks lovely.
    PS I'm moving to Wordpress;initially some art stuff, then everything.I've put a link at the bottom of the last post on blogger.

  5. Hope you have a fabulously successful weekend, sadly it is much too far to come, but I love your work anyway!

  6. I'm hoping to visit on the second weekend, Celia. Good luck with the preparations!

  7. Hi Gina - good luck with your Open Studio! There's always so much to get ready at the last minute!!!!

    Hi Silverpebble - it will be lovely to see you!

    Hi Dijanne - Cambridge Open Studios was started by a group of artists who lived near each other in Cambridge. 31 years later there are over 300 members and we (the artists) employ an administrator to handle all the admin and we rent an office/gallery. Members still have to to their bit to run the events - it's one of the rules of being a member.

    Hi Dinahmow - Cavendish is a lovely village, when did you live there?

    Hi Zoe - thank you - I'm always amazed when people make the effort just to find my studio!

    Hi CS - I'll make sure Cliff is on hand with refreshments!

  8. your display looks lovely and very appealing. I'm wishing you grand success.


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