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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Ukrainian beans from the HSL

As a member of the Heritage Seed Library, each year I can select six packets of vegetable seed from the catalogue. There are so many varieties to choose from - especially beans – one of this year's selection is 'Poletschka', the description in the catalogue is:

Named after donor Irma Jacyna's family as these pretty seeds originated in their native village of Kostilnyky in Western Ukraine. This stringless bean crops over a very long period and is very prolific. A 'taste team' assembled by HSL member Margaret Ramsden pronounced them "absolutely delish in every repect - melt in the mouth". The beans can be eaten fresh when small, and later used as a dry bean. 20 seeds"

As you can see I have nine seed beans left - they look like polished indigo coloured pebbles. - I think I will sow them this week to see how they do as a late crop.

'Poletschka' are climbing beans and they have made a neat wigwam of bright green foliage in the vegetable garden. The flowers are cream, maturing to pale mauve. The green pods are tender and sweet so they are destined to be a regular on my plot, I'm looking forward to cooking the mature beans.


  1. Oooh, those do look lovely! Let us know what the mature beans taste like.

  2. How lucky you are to have a garden! These beans look very happy to be there.

  3. Gorgeous, healthy beans.

    What a wonderful bounty you'll have.

  4. Thank you!

    Rebsie - I'm looking forward to cooking the mature beans - I wonder if they keep their colour? or turn the cooking liquor purple?

    clcg - we feel lucky to be the latest in a succession of gardeners looking after this plot and different varierties of beans are one of my favourite vegetables to grow

    lucy - the Poletschka beans look particulary attractive and are neat and well behaved - they'd be good in a small garden.

  5. These do look beautiful. I love the way you write about the vegetables as you grow them.

  6. I've been meaning to join the seed heritage library for years, and now I really think that I will - they look TERRIFIC. Thanks


  7. Joanna - it's worth supporting the HSL
    I have discovered some delicious and beautiful vegetables and the catalogue is a good read on a cold winter evening, but having to shortlist 12 varieties then only getting 6 of them is always difficult. You also get a lucky dip variety (usually a tomato). If I'm really pleased with a selection I save my own seed - my favourites are the Crimson Flowered Broad Bean and the Salford Black Runner Bean.

  8. These beans look and sound great. Are they only available from the HSL in the UK?

    Like Joanna I have toyed with the idea of joining and now I think I must. Thanks, Celia.


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