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Friday, 17 August 2007

Flowers and Animals

When I was sorting through a pile of books in my studio I came across this – it's a was one of my favourite books when I was learning the alphabet before I went to school. I think it must have been put together by my mother from pages supplied with the magazine 'Child Education' and it had been well used in her infant school classroom by the time it was given to me.

Looking through the pages again I realised that every image was familiar to me - the heraldic lions wearing raffish top-hats swaggering around a Dandelion plant; the white-whiskered wizard hold a wand of Enchanter's Nighshade; the playing-card style kings toasting each other with cups of wine while sitting in the golden Kingcup flowers . . .

On the reverse of each colour illustration is a beautiful black line drawing and facts about the plant - it's very informative. I can't remember reading the text, maybe it was read to me. The illustrator was Doris Meyer, I'll have to look out for other books she illustrated. I hope she enjoyed working on this one.


  1. What a treasure this is! I love the way the 'H' is represented by Harebells and Hares. The cover is incredible - at first I thought it was designed by you!

    The illustrations look familiar. I wonder if Doris Meyer illustrated other books for children.

  2. What a magical book this is. Lucky you to have been given it as a child.

    Like Kate, when I saw the cover I though it was one of your designs.

  3. How lovely ... no wonder you are now an artist. So lucky still to have it.

    I must look out a lovely history book I had as a child, with illustrations that I can still call to mind, and which I lost, but my elder daughter was given as a babe by an elderly friend, it was her childhood copy. My daughter never liked it, but I have loved having it back in my life (sorry, you're probably not following this rambling tale!). Wonderful still to have something that struck a chord with you at such a formative age.


  4. Hi Kate, CS and Joanna

    Looking at the book now, I think it must have had a big inluence on me. Just goes to show how much we take in at an early age!


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