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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

It's summer time!

The under-gardeners seem rather envious of the studio assistants today - and who can blame them! This is supposed to be summer - and this weekend is the Summer Bank Holiday, traditionally a weekend for a trip to the seaside or a picnic in the country, but it's cold and very, very wet!

This morning I was emailed by Charlotte of The Great Big Vegetable Challenge who has invented a creative way to beat the wet and miserable summer time blues: Make a Vegetable Face.

Before I chopped up the veg for tonight's dinner I created this rogue. For more vegetable face fun visit The Great Big Vegetable Challenge or why not join in and create your own vegie phisog.


  1. I love that photo of the cats - typical..lazing around and living the perfect life whilst everybody else toils around them!!!! Excellent!

  2. Your veggie face creation is most fetching! I love the array of veggies you used.

    The poor under-gardeners look rather bedraggled while the studio assistants lounge peacefully without a care in the world. The under-gardeners probably wish they could help in the studio from time to time!

  3. I LOVE your photo, it is wonderful. First I was thrilled with the chickens, and then scrolled down and saw the cats! Thanks, purple podded peas.

  4. I love you cats, do they get on well with the Roosters??

  5. Kate - hi, hope you've had fun viewing the other faces on The Great Big Vegetable Challenge blog.

    Lucy, Meg & Picklesmum,
    The studio assistants aren't normally allowed in the living room unsupervised (posh sofas!!) but they sneaked in and looked so cute cuddled up together that I let them stay all day.

    It's definitely not the under-gardeners' favourite weather (or mine for that matter), but they are not being invited into the studio, Kate.

    The cats respect the hens (they're all girlies Picklesmum - roosters are boys!) it's because as kittens they were put in their place by a large Buff Orpington hen called Fergie - two pecked noses!

  6. Somehow I missed this post. What a wonderfull photograph! Loved the vegetable face that you made too...

  7. Wouow...the vegetable face you made was so fabulous!
    not to mention the two lazy feline companion of yours sat down relaxing in exclusive sofa whilst monitoring closely over the hens;)
    Dun miss it, kindly vote in my blog http://felinesophy.blogspot.com


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