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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Not looking wintery (yet)

It's so mild for the time of year . . . this was my walk at lunchtime today, it hardly looks wintery at all! But I did see some Fieldfares eating berries in the hedgerow and they know a thing or two about cold weather moving in from the north-east, so I won't be complacent.

I thought I'd look back at my blog posts last November, just to compare the weather conditions – I noticed that early in November 2010 I was amazed at how many flowers were still in bloom in my garden, so that's similar to this year.

But then, it suddenly turned very cold. And when Cliff led a walk at the end of November 2010 it was very cold indeed! -7C when we started walking and below zero all day. We're leading another walk this Sunday . . . I wasn't planning to get out my thermals, but maybe I should be prepared!


  1. A lovely walk - it is very mild still isn't it. Hope you don't need your thermals on Sunday!

  2. It's cold here in North Wales -foggy and chilling today. I hope it isn't heading your way.

  3. beautiful! it's pouring rain & in the 50sF. tomorrow it's supposed to drop 10 or more degrees.

  4. Really mild here too, and for the moment at least the sun is shining. I think I might take a walk myself :D

  5. I was FREEZING yesterday, really felt the temp drop and when we got into the car to drive down to London last night the temp gauge read 3c which is the lowest I've seen it... I too looked back at last year and was stunned by the flowers too... but I have a sneaking suspicion we're heading for danger!

  6. Mmm, I'd quite like winter to hurry up!
    I want to wear woolly tights without feeling overly tropical by 2pm..

  7. The photos on your last post were infused with sunshine and this post is another reminder that we are living in different times weatherwise. What a great idea to revisit the blog posts to get a sense of what is changing and what remains constant. I think we're in for a mild run in to Christmas ... but pack those long johns just in case!

  8. Lovely little film, thank you. It's still not cold really, just about 11C at the moment. I've been trying to remember when it started to snow last November but can't. I do know that it stayed around for a long time afterward.


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