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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Getting ready for the Christmas Pick'n'Mix

On Saturday 26th November
I'll be on the road before dawn
driving up to the pretty little town of
Holt in North Norfolk
for the Pick'n'Mix Makers' Market

I enjoyed it so much last June, I put my hand up to be included in the line up for the Christmas market.

There are some new 'Makers' this time, I getting very excited about seeing their stalls and meeting them – because it's just as much fun for us stallholders as it will be for the customers . . . and did I mention the refreshments? well, they're worth mentioning again – Daisy Boo's Kitchen will be serving up the most yummy scrummy cakes and savouries in 'tea-shop corner'.

The cards stocks from Magic Cochin's Emporium are all ready to go onto my bright red display rack (the one I bought from Woolies when it closed down); prints have been framed and packed and the first of my mixed media 'Mantel Pieces' will be for sale too.

HEN 01 • COCKEREL • 01 • No 0005
vinyl-cut and mixed media collage
each piece individually numbered



  1. Good Luck!

    It sounds like a really lovely event.

  2. have fun! your mantel piece looks wonderful.

  3. I'll be there to stock up on cards etc.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  5. Oh, good luck. Hope you have a fabulous and successful day!

  6. Celia, I bet that you will have a great crowd of admirers visiting you (and making lots of purchases from you) at the upcoming Pick'n'Mix. How I wish that I lived close enough to be there myself.


  7. I went to Holt on holiday once and it is very lovely. I suspect it will be a busy event so good luck with the new pieces. They look great. Where did that mantel piece idea spring from? It looks like a winner to me.

  8. Your Mantel Pieces look beautiful Celia, I went to your shop to see if you had any for sale there, they look totally intriguing and wonderful, do show more of them won't you? And good luck at the fair, I'm sure you'll have an absolutely wonderful day, be a sell out, and return home feeling flushed with success and happiness! Vanessa xxx

  9. Just lovely, I hope you have a great time! Hopefully you'll have wonderful weather!


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