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Friday, 11 November 2011

Night flight

This year I've been so pleased with the small one colour linocuts, printed on a lovely crisp Japanese paper, I just had to add another one – this time inspired by the fields around our village as winter arrives. I find the shorter days and winter light so inspiring; yes I know lots of people feel very gloomy when the light fades, but let me try to convince you to venture outside and be amazed.

The new image had to include a Barn Owl; I see them hunting along the field edges, their huge soft wings are silent like a giant white moth in the moonlight, and I always feel excited by the sight of such a beautiful bird flying as if in slow motion.

It was when Cliff and I were out planning a new walk for the local walking group, that we saw the first arrival of the 'winter thrushes'; you may have read Emma's blog about this spectacle. The flocks of Fieldfares and Redwings fly down from Scandinavia to feast on the fruits in the English hedgerows. Sometimes if you stand outside on a moonlit November night you might hear the sip-sipper chattering of Redwings as they pass overhead.

The East Anglian views open up as the leaves fall from the trees, through their skeletal shapes the distant fields and crouching woods become visible. Now the fields are clear of crops, the hares are once again easy to spot – racing over the furrows in the half-light – completing the picture in my mind . . .

Night flight

This is the image transferred to the lino, I cut the block quickly to keep the spontaneous line.

And here are the prints hanging up to dry in my studio.

The original limited edition unframed print can be ordered by emailing studio@celiahart.co.uk
This is a small edition of 30 prints is printed on Japanese Kikuchi Haini Kozo Koban. The image size is 15 x 15cm, the same size and paper as used for the 'Love in the air' print. Each print is named, signed and numbered in pencil by me.
An unframed print costs £48 (the price includes p&p to addresses in the UK mainland) if you would like the print sent to an overseas address, please ask me for the extra postage cost.

I will be selling cards of the Night flight design in Magic Cochin's Emporium; it was extremely tricky to get an exact colour match (I fiddled and fiddled, but this lovely shade of blue/violet moonlight was especially elusive!) so the cards have printed in a deeper shade, more like dark denim.

Of course framed and unframed prints, and the cards, will be centre stage on my stall at the Pick'n'Mix Makers' Market in Holt (which is one of the loveliest little market towns in North Norfolk, if you didn't know already). If you can come along, I can promise there will be lots and lots of irresistible things to buy, all from the people who actually made them . . . and there will be the most delicious refreshments made by Daisy Boo's Kitchen, like stilton and walnut scones ;-)



  1. Two of my favourite creatures! That looks lovely.

  2. I actually think that any Planet Penny profits accrued at the Pick'n'Mix Market are going to be spent in Magic Cochin's Emporium! I do wish I had more walls in my house, I want to hang an owl on them. Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks x

  3. Oh. It's stunning. Stop tempting me Celia!

  4. It looks as windy in that print as it is here today. Love all of the movement in it.

  5. Yes please! sending you an email

  6. how lovely! autumn & winter is when i feel most lively :)

  7. Beautiful - love the movement in it.

  8. We lived at the end of a long country road, for a few years. Sometimes, driving up from our little group of houses to the main road, past the riverside and the golf course, a white ghost would swoop past the car, across the road... a barn owl.
    And coming home on the train, from Stowmarket to Cambridge, when I had stayed with my BF's family, years ago, we would watch hares in the fields - especially on late autumn afternoons.
    And yes, I also love Holt. Stayed there a few times and it is lovely. Wish I could come along - hope it goes well for you.
    I would love a print. Fabulous and so evocative...

  9. Beautiful and reminds me so much of England and her lovely countryside.

  10. Celia, your lino cut prints are superb. I know they are going to find a very appreciative collection of views at the show in Holt.

    I love your description of this season's effect on the landscape, light and animals's motion and appearances. (So very different from what you recently saw on the West Coast of the States.)


  11. Celia, these are just lovely! You are a true artist!

  12. Birds seem to be in the air. (groan!)
    Sherrie York has done ibis, I am tackling a pelican and a goose (but I have pawpaw on the blog!) and my friend has done an owl.
    There is something special about the onset of winter.I think it's that the worst of the people have gone!

  13. You've perfectly described my feelings about the slide from autumn into winter too Celia. I love this time of year and look forward to the bareness and starkness just as mush as the energy of spring and the bounty of summer and autumn.

    Your beautiful print tells the story of the season so beautifully. Fabulous!

  14. Stunning...got to get some of those owls. I'm such a sucker for owls:-)

  15. That is absolutely fabulous. I love owls. We hear them here but very rarely see them as they are higher up the valley. We did have a little owl in our yew tree one night last winter. Little owls make a surprisingly big noise!

  16. Owls are so beautiful, you have caught the lovely country feel in your print, super! Good to see you at Gina's recently.


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