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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Blending in

Has anyone ever done any experiments investigating the domestic cat's camouflage instinct?

The studio assistants have decided that my studio is too scattered with stuff for them to find a place to blend in and settle down for the day, so they've selected the room next door – also rather 'junked-up' with the things brought home from the Pick'n'Mix Market.

I didn't spot them at first!


The ginger one has selected a folded piece of hessian on a faded yellow Lloyd-loom chair.

and the tabby one picked the bundle of black cotton sheeting.

I've just returned from a trip to the post office and it looks like the tabby one has disappeared, perhaps she has decided to go outside in the sunshine . . .

or has she?



  1. Cats do have a habit of hiding very successfully don't they?! They both look very comfy and warm, such a well hidden tabby one. My black one camouflages very well in corners and bags - the reason probably that he gets shut in rooms and cupboards by mistake!

  2. They must know it's Winter out there now and time to snuggle up in a cosy spot - just like I do!

  3. My OH's daughter has a black cat who simply disappears at night - she sleeps on a black cushion.

    The other one just disappears because she is so small.

  4. Ha! The little white whiskers still sticking out :) Cats are brilliant creatures, I love their "no one can see me" attitude.

  5. my old black and white Bianca used to lay against my mum's fabulous black and white wallpaper and totally vanish... she was HUGE too so it was quite a feat!

  6. Being very shedd-y black cats, we can go anywhere, and after a few minutes of grooming, blend beautifully.
    (The Secretary rather wishes she'd chosen black velveteen furnishings. tee-hee)

  7. These kitties in hiding photos are so amusing, Celia. And that last one is very funny! Those whiskers!


  8. I thought the first one was a cushion! :) x

  9. I love that cats will squeeze into the most strangest of places, or sleep on something that looks really uncomfortable.

    Love your photos - thanks for sharing x


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