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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

November flowers and 'Mantel Pieces'

 There are always distractions . . . I keep stumbling upon blogs that are new to me . . . and they are full of lovely distractions . . .

For instance, I found Annie's blog Knitsofacto, and she led me over to Sue at Backlane Notebook and her thrifty challenge to cut a bunch of flowers from her garden/allotment/hedgerow every week of the year.

Well, I'm not promising to do this every week, but I was inspired to go out in the sunshine, circumnavigate the plot and pick a posy from my garden this morning.

A posy like Liberty Tana Lawn that's come to life on my drawing board


The eagle-eyed among you have probably spotted some new work-in-progress – Mantel Pieces – I'll tell you more about it in the next post. I'm developing a theme inspired by the things on a traditional farm-house mantel-piece; and the connection with things that were once common-place, but are now valued and collected.

The mixed-media pieces are all one-offs, but I'm carefully numbering and recording them, to show the theme as it develops . . . 

and leads to . . . 

. . . well, I don't know where it's leading, but I needed to start putting things down on paper.


  1. I was led to those blogs too, isn't it amazing how one is sent hither and yon?

    Looking forward to Mantel Pieces, I recall ours when I was a child, the vase that had all those unidentifiable little objects in it, the old clock, etcetera.

  2. Well I immediately had to stop what I was doing and take a look and I am very impressed. It's really lovely and doesn't it lift the spirits to see what was dotted around the garden now gathered in a vase in the studio? Your work looks lovely I will be back to have a proper look later.

  3. looking forward to 'mantel pieces'. i didn't grow up in a household with a mantel, but my mom had a glass-fronted curio cabinet full of different things my dad had brought back from overseas postings to please her.

  4. Aha, another person up for the challenge! It's such a lovely challenge though isn't it?

  5. Gorgeous - isnt it a bit nuts that we have so much flowering this late in the season. I spent part the morning albeit in the fog we have here taking photos of Roses to see if I can 'fiddle' with them to make images I can use in card making.

    Look forward to seeing Mantle Pieces develop and come to fruition - the subject matter sounds interesting - I collect kitchenalia and small utility items.

  6. Wow those flowers are beautiful. I strangely been picking stocks for the last month or so. They shouldn't be flowering until next Spring. It has been a very strange Autumn.

  7. That is a beautiful hand picked posy. I am looking forward to seeing your 'mantel pieces' .

  8. Gorgeous posy and what a lovely idea. I have a pink Marguerite in full bloom, and a cowslip! Crazy weather.
    I spotted this on a rare visit to Facebook-been out working all day so missed Twitter today.

  9. What a pretty posy! I wish I had that much colour in my garden! I'm working from home tomorrow, so might sneak out for 5 minutes and see what I can find.

  10. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I took 5 minutes out this morning to wander round the garden and pick a little posy of my own. Quite surprised myself with how much I found. I've posted a picture on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I just popped back to have another look at some of your work and realised that I hadn't commented here. Glad you are up for the challenge too. And what a sweet posy :D

  12. That is just beautiful. I think I might be able to find something here too. I must go out tomorrow and look!


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