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Monday, 19 November 2007

A Potato Pagoda for Freddie

I'm not one for dressing up a baked potato, so when I was invited by Freddie and Charlotte to join The Great Big Baked Potato Challenge I wasn't inspired. But as my systematic advance through the tidal wave of work in my studio was going well and on schedule I had time to be creative with my supper of baked potato and Sunday leftovers before I go to the Tai Chi class.

Here's how to make a Potato Pagoda . . .

Cut a wedge shape out of the baked potato and carefully scoop out the cooked flesh from both pieces. Stir fry mushrooms, cooked guinea fowl (chicken will do fine), shredded fresh ginger and chopped spring onion. Gently mix in the potato flesh and season, I used my favourite Japanese 7-spice 'Shichimi'. Cook through and season with soy sauce. Fill the potato skin and the wedge with the mixture and balance the wedge on top. The calligraphy on the plate was intended to read 'Tai Chi' - but it probably doesn't!

And after that deliciously warming supper it's time to go to Tai Chi . . . Step-back-and-repulse-the-monkey . . . The-golden-cockerel-stands-on-one-leg . . . Box-the-tiger's-ears . . . I feel calm, balanced and grounded :)


  1. Now that is fantastic.
    Really fantastic.

  2. Freddie here.
    It does look very chinese and it looks delicious. I hope to be tasting it soon if my Mum cooks it soon.
    All the best

  3. I love your Tai Chi jacket, it is a masterpiece, Ken Hom would be challenged to beat that! x

  4. Hi there, Celia :-D

    Very creative of you!

    I’ve just popped by to say that today marks one year of my blog and I refer to your help with ID's of wildflowers in my post!

    Thanks once again - it has been nice e-meeting you :-D

  5. Celia - you never cease to amaze me - this is stunning!

  6. That's excellent! Charlotte asked if I'd seen yours which made me head over to check it out. It really is superb!

  7. Hi Charlotte & Freddie - I hope you enjoy making a Potato Pagoda!

    Hi Louise - 'Tai Chi Jacket' would have been a great name for this - and no, I don't wear one of those lurid satin pyjama suits when I practice!

    Hi Shirl - your blog is an inspiration - the bird videos are wonderful!

    Hi Hannah - this was a very rare bit of food artistry from me - don't worry I'll never attempt to be Masterchef! The other week I had to prepare 8 starters for a progressive feast - that was more than enough!

    Hi Amanda - welcome to my blog - and one of it's very rare recipe postings.

  8. Even if the calligraphy doesn't 'read' as Tai Chi, it looks like people actually doing it...

  9. How true Toffeeapple! And when I explain what Tai Chi is, I say it's like calligraphy - you learn a sequence of basic moves and then spend a lifetime perfecting it!


  10. I remember doing it many years ago but my balance has never been that good so had trouble with it. Now that my back is bu**ered, I couldn't even begin to try! Not to worry though, there are all these wonderful blogs to read where I learn such exciting and interesting new things.

  11. Oh yum, but that looks good ... I loved your presentation. Very lovely and artful with the dried stalks in the background!


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