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Sunday, 25 November 2007

It's a peckathon!

I've been trying to take a special photo of the under-gardeners to use on a Christmas card. They weren't being co-operative, so I had to resort to bribery!

The card is to send to EACH with a Christmas gift. Since May, the under-gardeners have been producing one egg each every day (well . . . they do have the occasional day off), this means that there are many more eggs than Cliff and I can eat, so we supply boxes of eggs to family, neighbours and friends in return for donations to EACH. Today the under-gardeners sent £100 to the children's hospice at Milton near Cambridge.
Thank you everyone!


  1. This is lovely, on several levels.
    I really dislike the term "charity" and all the usual commercial bribery that seems attached, but you have done the blindingly obvious - so many good connections and a practical solution.

  2. Nice shot and nice contribution! I was simply trying to get a tree and the sky to cooperate for a Christmas card photo today. A pretty, but cold day so I'm still trying to warm up. I think we got a shot that will work, at least. Last year, I had a photo of garden items for the card and it was taken in Aug. I'm late with it this year.

  3. Your Christmas photo is charming ... all their heads held high.

  4. oh my goodness. I found you by following a link from Val at Illustrated Garden. I LOVE, no ... I ADORE chickens. I get that from my mom, who is now gone. It nearly brings a tear to my eye. I'm a writer and have had an idea of writing a children's story about 3 chickens (I've already named them: the chickens that is).

    Such a delightful blog -- thank you.

    Diane, Sand to Glass
    (and Dogs Naturally)
    in Canada (where it's snowing, went to minus 20 C last night and is still snowing today)

  5. How practical and beautiful (both your hens AND your fund-raising)!
    This is a little bit off-topic, but in earlier posts I have seen partial views of your very interesting chicken coop, which appears to be on wheels. Do you happen to have any photos of the whole coop? I'm intrigued! Many thanks.

  6. Hi Dinahmow - the "Eggs for EACH" money box really caught on! Especially after 'customers' had tasted the eggs - they just had to come back for more.

    Hi Petunia - I really needed an assistant with this shoot!

    Hi Becca - I soon gave up trying to include Phoebe as well (you can just see her in the background). She's bottom of the pecking order - as soon as she arrives in the frame Ruby tells her to **** off!

    Welcome Diane! I'm pleased my under-gardeners have a new admirer! I'm looking forward to visiting your blog - sounds chilly!

    Hi Val - Yes, the hen-house is a large 'ark' on wheels. This one's a delux model and pretty hefty to shift around!!! You can see a picture here on the maker's web site (but we don't have the wire run extension and we painted it ourselves).

  7. I've tagged you for the 8 happy thoughts meme. Hope that you enjoy doing it.

  8. Fresh eggs straight from the hen, what could be better, I remember when I was a kid collecting them from our hen-house. Such a lovely thought to send to the hospice, every penny they are donated brings those kids a better quality to their short lives. x

  9. What a lovely idea...the card looks fab...what hard working chickens you have...all that charity work:-)
    Take care,
    Alison x

  10. Hi CS - I've just read your "happy thoughts" - I'll write my list when I do my next posting.

    Hi Louise - the children's hospice is a sanctuary for so many families who need help and support.

    Hi Alison - our hens always look busy!


  11. It's great that the under-gardeners have raised so much money. The photograph looks wonderful.

  12. hello there, the card is lovely, and what a beautiful thing you do with your excess eggs, really very lovely indeed!!!

  13. Your chickens are great and this is a fab action shot. You could enter it in my photo of the month competition.
    sara from farmingfriends


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