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Sunday, 18 November 2007


Behind the display on my stand at Saturday's Arts & Crafts Fair in Reach Village Hall, my supply of small change was efficiently tidy and I was sustained by the delicious (and nutritious) flap-jacks and the unbelievably delicious mulled fruit juice*.

Thank you to everyone who came along!

In two weeks time on Saturday 1st December I will have a stall at the Arts & Crafts Fair in Saffron Walden Town Hall.
So if you're in the area why not get in the festive spirit in this historic market town - lots of lovely shops, delis, caf├ęs and the traditional market in the square outside the Town Hall.

* The girls in the kitchen told me it was equal quantities of apple juice and orange juice with some thinly peeled orange and lemon skin (peel? zest?) and sachets of mulling spices. Heat through and serve. Other versions they recommended use black grape juice with the apple and orange and an orange studded with cloves, cinnamon sticks and fresh ginger.


  1. Great stuff ... I'd never had thought of mulling juice - presumably you follow a mulled wine recipe??

  2. i use egg boxes for storing small screws, picture hooks, stuff that falls out of those tiny plastic bags they are sold in (after you have torn them open with your teeth). the boxes fit inside a drawer in the shed and save me from that frantic scrabbling in the bottom of a pot when i seem to manage to stick my fingers with the sharp ends.

  3. Hi Joanna - I've added the Mulled Fruit Juice recipe to the posting. It's like liquid apple pie! and just the thing when the evenings are dark and frosty!

    Hi Palnurse - the eggbox idea was so useful!


  4. I was so sorry to miss the fair but I was working most of the weekend. I do hope that I'll get to the one in Saffron Walden in December.

  5. That sounds delicious!

    I like your egg carton change holder. The paper cartons are more difficult to find here now ... we have pastel shades of styrofoam, which can't be recycled. Most irritating.


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