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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A nice dile-emma we-e have here, that calls for all our wit, for a-all our wit!*

The ginger studio assistant's dilemma . . .

He popped out in the rain to (you know) and returned to find alien beings called 'plumbers' clanking about with tool boxes and bits and stuff on the other side of the cat flap!

What should he do?


Caption: ______________________________________________

* with apologies to Messers Gilbert & Sullivan


  1. puurrrrfect...eggxactly what the plumber ordered.

  2. "while the ...hens...'re away, the cat will play"

  3. Well, I'd look pretty silly with an umbrella!And if it's still raining at breakfast time I'll have omelette...

  4. My aunt kept loads of free range chickens. She also fed several feral cats. In the winter the cats slept in the chicken houses with the hens!

  5. Hi CS - Hens certainly build up a nice cosy heat in the hut at night - cosy straw nests as well - cats are very sensible!

    Thanks for the caption suggestions Palnurse, NĂ  and Dinamow! Also had a suggestion from my Mum . . . "I get by with a little help from my friends!"

    All eggcellent!!!!


  6. "The cat from Norway got stuck in the doorway, The Cat from France liked to sing and dance, the Cat from Japan, had a very big fan, but My cat likes to hide in boxes.

    ( With apologies to the author of the book of the same name!) : )

  7. Hi Threadspider - Oh yes! I love that book! (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Likes-Hide-Boxes-Picture-Puffin/dp/0140502424)

    thank you!

  8. What a smart studio assistant ... finding the perfect place to nap and hide away from the noise!

  9. ... no-one would know that I wasn't a chicken! Thanks for the tip on Bird's Custard lollies, I would never have thought of those, I have learnt so many interesting things since starting this blog, thanks. x


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