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Monday, 5 November 2007

Fireworks display

The English love to discuss the weather and 2007 gave us lots to talk about . . . 'Summer' was in April; May to the end of August was . . . er . . . well . . . let's put it politely . . . dull and wet; but now the garden, and countryside, is putting on a cracking early November display with dazzling bursts of colour - a fizzing zingy end to the gardening year.

Clockwise from top left:
• wild bullace trees in our boundary hedge
• red flower spikes of polygonum amplexicaule and wisteria leaves
• a cactus flowered dahlia
• cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'
• spindle berries (euphorbia europeans)
• fuchsia 'Thalia'


  1. Autumn pics - so lovely! What is the lowest tempature ever in your garden? Have you any snow in winter?

    Here trees are bare, but tempature is better, +2c and rains ;)

    We ordered perennials from Scotland, but I can't decide should I plant them outside or in the cellar..

  2. Your fireworks display of plants is very original, beautiful examples of this season's colour. Thanks so much for your 'pram' memories, I really enjoyed reading about them, the image in my mind brought a smile to my face. Louise x

  3. Hi Quu - we are having an especially colourful autumn this year. And it has been warm for the time of year, about 12C. We have had some cool nights with a slight ground frost. The trees aren't completely bare yet. The forecast is for cooler weather by the end of this week. One winter temperatures were below freezing for a couple of weeks (0 to -11C) but this was very unusual. Last winter we had hardly any days below freezing.
    We sometimes get snow, the last week of January it the most likely time for heavy snow (but not every year). A few years ago we had sudden very heavy snow and couldn't get out of the village, some neighbours travelling home from work were trapped in their cars overnight!

    Hi Louise - I love the autumnal colours especially when the sun shines, so it was fun taking the photos. Your posting about the pram brought back an immediate vivid memory as soon as I saw the first photo!

  4. It has been the most amazing autumn hasn't it? Thanks for your lovely photo collage. I haven't worked out how to do that yet!

  5. What a beautiful display of photos. Very clever and creative. I love the colours at this time of year. Sara from farmingfriends

  6. I'm glad the gardening year wasn't a complete bust, as many people talked about in July and August. Bursts of colour at this time of year are wonderful as the days grow short. I am intrigued with the cornus and the polygonum - plus the spindle berries so similar to the turkestan burning bush.


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