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Tuesday, 12 June 2007


Early this morning I took photos of the different pea plants in the garden. The flowers above are (from right to left) Purple Podded; Reuzensuiker; Carouby de Mausanne. Beautiful flowers with subtle vein patterning and delicate petals - worth growing for these alone - but with the bonus of delicious pods to follow. (If you click on the photo you'll get an enlarged version.)

Here they are - little Purple Podded Peas. They need to get a little bigger, then they can be added to a stir fry and hopefully they will keep some of their beautiful colour.

And a surprise - a Golden Podded Pea which self-sowed from last year and has appeared among the broad beans. This was another vegetable from the Heritage Seed Library, it didn't do well last year and I decided not to save the seed - but it's back! so I'll save some seeds for next year.


  1. Wow. Are the peas inside purple?

  2. Sorry Freddie, the peas inside are pea-green - that's a bit disappointing really as purple peas would be great.

    Ashleigh, I've just checked in last year's Heritage Seed Library catalogue and the golden pea is listed as "Golden Sweet" a mange tout type pea. It is alleged to be one of the peas worked on by the botanist Gregor Mendel, the pioneer of plant genetics and heredity. So it deserves a place in my the garden for that alone.

  3. Oh, they look soooo delicious ! Since my 'Strawberry Boast', we've had lots of rain. The flowers on our mange-tout peas are blooming, no pods yet though. I'm growing a variety called 'Ezetha's Krombek Blauwschok'. Is that the purple variety you are growing ?

  4. My purple pea is just known as "Purple-Podded-Pea", I've grown a variety called "Mr Bethell's Purple Podded" in past years but unfortunately my stock of saved seeds ran out. A fellow member of the Heritage Seed Library came to my rescue and has sent me some of his saved seed. 'Ezetha's Krombek Blauwschok' - love that name!

  5. Hello ... it's the first time I've seen your blog and it's great to know there are other purple podder fans out there! Lovely pictures. I shall be back!

    I'm trialling several varieties this year and it's been a great pleasure to compare their subtle quirks and differences. The HSL has some really amazing stuff, though it makes choosing the mere six packets a year a very daunting decision.

  6. Hey buddy,
    My name is Sammy - I'm part of a year 9 group in Ballarat.
    We have a block of land out the back of our school that is about a hectare - we using about half of this for planting fruit and vegtables.
    We have been study gardening and how to become a 'sustainable school' since the start of the year... thus helping the enviroment.
    Last week we planted about 30 or so Golden Podded Peas along one of our fences. As you might know, the climate of Ballarat can be cold but where they are planted they are in full shot of the sun. This suits the plant, yes?

    God Bless


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