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Sunday 13 July 2008

WHAT is that . . . ?!!!

While gardening early this morning my eye focussed on a leaf as I was trimming plants back along the lawn edge. It looked a bit peculiar, was it diseased? or was it a leaf gall? It was on the leaf of a species of willow grown for the rather gorgeous furry silver catkins. It moved! What is that?!!!!

On closer inspection we found it had a bigger and fatter friend . . .

A search on Google and a check through The Reader's Digest Field Guide to the Butterflies and othe insects of Britain has identified these masters of camouflage as Sallow Kitten moth caterpillars. Sallow Kitten – weren't they a girl group in the 90s?


  1. Hi Celia.

    That`s one caterpillar i`ve never seen. It`s very similar to my Puss Moths & slightly smaller. Well spotted.

  2. Do you think those kitten moths would stop the neighbourhood cats from digging up my seed bed?


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