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Wednesday 9 July 2008

Busy getting the studio ready for visitors

It's rained and rained all day today. She's been busy putting pictures in frames and writing list and things – we offered to help but she said she could manage without us (yesterday we helped by pulling strings and tearing paper) so this is what we did all day.

The Ginger Studio Assistant and the Tabby One


  1. Be careful not to strain yourselves!

  2. Geiger thinks she would like a basket-with-handles, please.

  3. Freddie wonders if Ginger and the Tabbie one might want to enter our celebratory Make a Vegetable Face competition - marking our journey to the end of the alphabet!
    There is a prize ( which they might want to share with their owner)
    Great Big Veg Challenge

  4. I hope all goes well for the weekend fun chez vous. Be sure to report on the goings on at the Open studios.And get Ginger and the Tabby One on tea making duty!

  5. that photo of your studio assistants is priceless!!

  6. My cats do love your resting assistants in their baskets of comfort. Mine are draped across the sofa of ginger now, looking for all the world like something that has melted in a surrealist painting.
    It was warm here today and I mostly painted and drew dragons, but whilst out walking met with a snake in the grass that can be seen on my journal at http://www.jackiemorris.co.uk
    Good luck with the open studio.

  7. Oh, to be a studio assistant! Must have had a busy day. They look so cosied up in their baskets. x


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