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Friday 29 December 2017

And finally . . .

Before 2017 ends I'll show you my illustration for the 2017 Special Plant Issue of Gardens Illustrated magazine, this was published just before Christmas and the subject was 'avenues' and the love of arranging plants small and large in parallel rows that lets the eye into the distance. Frank Ronan writes about Mulberries and Hydrangeas, pollarded Willows and Swamp Cypresses; but the paragraph that sparked my imagination was a description of an avenue of Monkey Puzzle trees ... I love the geometry of the branches.

I studied loads of photos and reference books and made careful sketches of the Monkey Puzzle tree structure. Then I scanned and played around with the sketches in Photoshop, creating an avenue of trees. I wasn't sure where this was going, but after a break I suddenly realised it looked like a snow scene and how appropriate for late December. To emphasise the distance and the path between the trees, I added two silhouetted figures and two skipping whippets making tracks in the snow.

As with the December magazine's illustration (in the previous post) I decided to use a second colour, this time for the sky ... a bright pink, the colour of the sunset on a frosty snowy winter day.
I printed the green and pink areas separately and layered them digitally, this is something I often do with illustration work as the colours can be kept clean and bright when scanned and it allow for tweaking of the digital artwork to get it just right.

So, after almost 3 years and 36 illustrations, this is my last illustration for Frank Ronan's column in Gardens Illustrated magazine. I've handed the baton on ... maybe it's to you?

And this seems an appropriate time to draw a line under the PurplePoddedPeas blog. 

Ten years is a long time in social-media-land and life now has a different rhythm.
You can find me on Instagram and on Twitter  
. . . and also soon on my new blog which I'll publish a link to in the new year.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful 2018



  1. It seems sad to come to the end of an era but I fully understand where you are coming from. My blog is no longer what it once was but somehow I'm either not ready to stop or don't quite know where to go next. I love Instagram but it doesn't feel like a replacement.. at least not yet for me!

    1. I've deliberated for some time. The gardening/cats/knitting are well suited for Instagram and Twitter. Looking forward to a new look blog ... like a new diary with empty pages.

  2. The end of one era and the start of the next. I’ve enjoyed Purple Podded Peas, it was how we first ended up meeting and becoming good friends. I look forward to the next chapter - here’s to a great 2018 😊

    1. It is! I've loved blogging so want to continue ... but I no longer grow the heritage veg, only have 2 elderly hens and my work has moved on ... there will be a link back to PurplePoddedPeas on the new blog so it won't disappear.

  3. I understand the need to move...onward, sideways, upward. But never backward, right?
    My blog is still out there, but no longer updated regularly.
    We all find other avenues to follow (ooh! look what I did!)

    Whatever you do, I know you'll be good at it.Very best wishes for 2018.

  4. Celia, I already follow you on Instagram but look forward to reading your new blog too xx

  5. Dear Celia, this post is a beauty, and the choice of Avenues as the concept for your last Gardens Illustrated illustration is an excellent metaphor. Your snow scene with the monkey puzzle trees is very lovely.
    I am so glad that Purple Podded Peas gave me the opportunity to meet you, and now I am eagerly looking forward to continuing our IG visits and also to seeing where your creativity will lead you in the Happy New Year. xo

  6. I have enjoyed reading your posts. All good wishes for 2018

  7. Well Celia, may I say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog for all that time?

    I wish you peace and contentment in 2018 and look forward to seeing your new blog.

  8. I shall miss both the column and Purple Podded Peas, but look forward to the next adventure.


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