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Monday 20 April 2015

Heading South West

We've been down to Cornwall for a few days

This was the view from our hotel room in St Ives.

I loved the view from the harbour when the tide was out.

Along the coast towards Land's End we found this
beautiful spot high on Trevean Cliff.

 Barbara Hepworth's studio and garden tucked away behind high stone walls in St Ives town is an inspiring haven.

 The view from the Tate gallery out over the roof tops.

A walk to Carbis Bay through ancient woods.

We enjoyed a wander around the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

And exploring the Eden Project . . .

the huge steamy jungle in the Rainforest Biome

and the terraces and vineyard in the Mediterranean Biome.

If you've been watching Poldark on TV, you might recognise Charlestown harbour.

Lots of lovely fish and seafood too!

No drawing or knitting.
A break from routine.

Now I'm back in the studio, I've just completed the illustration for the June issue of Gardens Illustrated and I need to get things together for my stall at Plants & Crafts in the Garden at Wyken Hall on Sunday 26 April.



  1. You visited many of the places I went to 10yrs ago, I'm so glad you enjoyed them and had a wonderful time. If only Cornwall were slightly closer as I'd love to visit again, especially Heligan.

    1. It is a long drive from Suffolk so not somewhere you can do in a day trip.

  2. Beloved Cornwall! Pining to go back now....

    1. I can imagine you loved all the exotic plants that love the mild climate.

  3. Gosh you packed a lot into a few days! The atmosphere of the Barbara Hepworth studio sounds lovely, but then I think you are lucky because you have something similarly beautiful near you in Kettle's Yard, a place I would love to visit. A great reminder of the diversity of our small islands.

    1. We actually did more than I've mentioned above... Godolphin, St Mawes Castle and Portscatho were lovely too.
      And yes, Kettle's Yard has something of the atmosphere of Barbara Hepworth's studio and has far more St Ives inspired artwork on show (the Tate had none... there was a European Photography exhibition when we visited).

  4. Celia, several of the prior comments have been on similar wavelengths of what I was going to type.

    I have yet to reach Cornwall in my UK travels, due to time considerations, although the places that you visited are amongst those I'd want to see for myself. When I realize the long diagonal that you all travelled, I once again begin to think...maybe next time I am across the Atlantic I will visit the part of the UK that is closest yet far away.

    I've been keeping an eye out for the April Gardens Illustrated at Barnes & Noble, and now think that I may get to find my first look and purchase on or about May 1.

    I imagine that you are getting a bit more into the swing of meeting the magazine deadlines while being able to also be your very own creative self.

    Best wishes for a glorious day on the 26th at Wyken Hall. I am already imagining how many visitors to the event will be entranced by seeing your printmaking demonstrations and will be eager to take some examples of your talents home with them.


    1. It's quicker to get to Amsterdam or Paris from Suffolk than St Ives! But you can get there by train and walk to a hotel.
      I think you would love Barbara Hepworth's studio and the secluded garden full of sculptures among the trees.

  5. What a lovely break, the Eden Project looks and sounds amazing. I am going to have to spend more time looking at their web site.
    Poldark? is it back on TV - is it the old series or a new one? I loved that series - have the books too, and in fact I came across them again the other day. Wish I could get more than the BBC World News over here!

    1. The Eden Project is interesting, just about worth the entrance cost if you've acquired a discount.
      I didn't watch the original Poldark TV series but I'm enjoying the fabulous new version that's on now - last episode on Sunday (but series 2 has been promised) . It's cheered up Sunday evenings - I'm sure there'll be a way for you to see it soon.

  6. Beautiful Cornwall - my childhood 'neighbor' as I grew up in Devon. Cornish pasties and Cornish Clotted Cream, so yummy and - dare I say it - perhaps even a teeny weeny bit better than Devon offerings these days!
    I love seeing the boats left high and dry - over here Americans are always so surprised at our tidal rivers.

    Glad you enjoyed the trip - I'll be in Devon this Summer and may try to get at least a day in Cornwall. . . . . perhaps to Port Isaac in search of 'Doc Martin', ha ha!

    Lovely pics -

    1. I've never watched Doc Martin so didn't know it is set in Cornwall. Enjoy your trip this summer!

  7. Oh this is fabulous, I love Cornwall. And great minds, we've just had a trip down there too, egged on by the glorious weather. My current post has the almost exact same picture of Charlestown. Funny if we'd turned up on the same day..

  8. We have been to Cornwall and many of the places you mentioned many times, but we've never made it to St Ives. And now I can't think why - it looks gorgeous!

  9. How delightful! St Ives is one of my favourite places.

  10. The trouble with Cornwall, as much as I love it, is that one is constantly having to reverse to let someone pass!

    We went to the Eden Project once but couldn't walk around so decided not to invesitgate.

  11. What fun in Cornwall, lovely to see your photos as I'm walking part of the coast path in June and will have a rest day planned in St.Ives; it will be my first visit there and am so looking forward to it. Have fun at Wyken.

  12. Looks like a gorgeous trip indeed! I have been glued to Poldark since it began so I am loving all things Cornish! ;)
    I would love to visit Barbara Hepworth's studio, I used her as inspiration when I was at college!
    I am off to Falmouth in a few weeks to catch some sunshine hopefully! Katie x



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