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Wednesday 10 September 2014

An abundance of pears!

 Freshly picked pears in a bowl we bought from David McDowell who made us promise to use it in our kitchen.

A few years ago . . . I think 4, maybe 5? . . . I decided our garden wall needed a pear tree. I did some research and decided to buy a bear-rooted one from Ken Muir, we drove down to the nursery in Essex and selected a 'Beurre Hardy' pear suitable for training as an espalier against a wall.

I'm ashamed to say I neglected to train in correctly in its early years, but I've tried to get it under control and it sort of looks 'trained' in a relaxed sort of way.

Up until this year the most pears its had is 6. This year there are far too many to count! We have an abundance of pears!

Pear - 'Beurre Hardy'

Pears have been cultivated for centuries, but it was in France that juicy, butter-soft, dessert pears were bred in the 17th and 18th centuries. 'Beurre Hardy' originates from around 1820 in Boulogne and is named after M. Hardy who was the Director of Aboriculture at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. In the US you may know it as the 'French Butter Pear'.

The fruit need to be picked in mid-September, just before they ripen. If allowed to mature on the tree the flesh spoils and becomes brown and grainy; but harvested while they are still firm and carefully stored for a few weeks in a cool place, they will become juicy and sweet, with the texture of butter!

I can't wait!

Mmmm! Pear and frangipane tart, with blue cheese and walnuts, ice cream . . .

or eaten in the garden with juice dribbling down your chin!

what's your favourite pear recipe?



  1. What a fab bounty Celia! Makes me crave for some poached pear with vanilla ice cream now, mmmmm!

  2. Celia, it's grand that your gently trained pear espalier looks amazing against the garden wall.

    Also grand that you've been getting a splendidly abundant harvest. I'm off to the farmers market this afternoon to see if any peaches will still be on offer. Of course, I'll also be looking for the first of the apples and pears, and appreciate your pear ripening advice.

    Beautiful still life photographs, too. Cezanne!


  3. I absolutely love my pear and ginger upside-down cake -- my favourite pudding bar none. If I can get small hard pears, I like making Fiona's Belgian pears too.

  4. Pear cider!
    That's a spiffing pear dish, Celia.

  5. Raw pears fresh from the tree - can't beat that.

  6. Pear, chicory, blue cheese and walnut salad! That's a fabulous crop you have there!

  7. What a fabulous crop! A friend had heaps last year and I made some delicious pear chutney but I also love them poached in red wine with sugar, lemon rind and spices.

  8. wow, how fortunate you are! My favourite pear recipe, besides eating them at the peak of ripeness with their juices dripping everywhere ... pear custard pie. I've found an amazing recipe recently for a crustless pear custard pie that is company-worthy and I've eaten several of late.


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