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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Making winter tree decorations (for the birds)

Silverpebble and Thrifty Household have been encouraging lots of bloggers to share their Making Winter ideas – and wow! what an amazing array of blogs and creative ideas have tumbled out of blogland! I keep getting distracted following links to lovely blogs which were new to me, so a great big thank you must go to Mrs P and Mrs TH . . .  take a bow ladies!

Mrs TH's latest blogpost was about making Florentines . . . mmmmm! I love Florentines! And while I was dreaming about sitting in a cosy café, sipping a hot cup of tea and nibbling a delicious, sticky-on-one-side / chocolatey-on-the-other Florentine, I had a brain wave!
In my fridge I had a bowl of dripping left over from slow-roasting a belly of wild boar – I admit that I used a teeny 'scrape' to make 'bread and dripping' to remind me of my Grandma (she used to give me this as a treat, liberally sprinkled with pepper, when I called in, on my way home from school, to see her in her little terraced cottage). I didn't want to waste this deluxe dripping, so I decided to make winter treats for the wild birds.

Fat-Florentines for the Birds

Sprinkle nuts and seeds into tart tins
(I used sunflower seed kernels and flaked almonds)
and press some dripping on top,
Place long knotted loops of string across each 'tart'
and add more dripping, then more seeds/nuts.

Place the tin in the freezer over-night to set really hard.

 Lay the very cold tart tin upside down on another larger tin
and gently pour a little boiling water over the tart tin
– this releases the Fat Florentines from the moulds :-)

 Gather up the strings and ta-dah!

All ready to hang outside on the trees or bushes.

A treat for the birds
on the shortest darkest days of the year :-)



  1. beautiful, I'd be afraid the lard would melt on our long bright days here. happy solstice,

  2. I think the birds are going to love these- I'll be making some asap!

  3. Oh! Genius. My small helpers and I will be making some after Christmas.

  4. Brilliant idea, the birds will enjoy the feast and you will enjoy the birds.

  5. A beautiful idea Celia and I've got some lard lurking in the nether reaches of the fridge so I might do these with a bit of stale cake and cheese I also have! I refill our seed and fat ball containers at least twice a day at the moment but I don't begrudge the birds one iota. The pleasure I get from them is worth every penny we spend on them or time we use up looking after them. Hope this idea gets taken up by many.

  6. What a good idea, and so much cheaper than buying fat balls from the shops.

  7. Brilliant idea. The birds here seem to inhale fat balls!

  8. What I wonderful idea. I don't often have beef dripping but next time I do I shall feed the birds :D

  9. What a thoughtful thing to do for the birds.

    I used to love it if I ever had dripping on toast.

  10. What a fabulous idea. I'll be making some of these too.

  11. Lovely, your feathered visitors will be happy this Xmas!

  12. what a lovely idea... but I adore those cake tins, they are very special... your very very lovely gift came today although I have been a very good boy and not opened it!... it's under the tree and it's staying that way until Sunday... I did open the card, which is beautiful... thank you xx

  13. Now that is a really good idea. Might even find time for it over the next few pre Christmas days!

  14. Lucky birds getting a delicious Christmas treat! Great idea.


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