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Monday 28 November 2011

What a wonderful Handmade (Pick'n') Mix!

After all that planning and making, Saturday was reality day for the Christmas Pick'n'Mix Makers' Market in Holt. I was feeling pleased about my improved system of packing everything into 'the tardis' and was in a happy mood as I drove across the Gallops and headed towards Norfolk. But, as Burns wrote, "the best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley" and I'd not planned for a barricade across my route, "ROAD CLOSED" signs and yellow diversion arrows!

Now, that would be easy-ish to cope with in a town; but on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, where river and railway crossing points are few and far between, the result was long, long, long drive along roads with no signposts or any indication that this was still the alternative route or where it was heading! 'The Tardis' doesn't have SatNav, but I concluded that so long as I kept the pinky-gold sky on my right, I would be heading North to North Norfolk (after 20 years walking in the countryside with Cliff, something useful had rubbed off!).

And then, ta-dah! not too behind schedule I was in Holt, unpacked and arranging my stall :-) Look at all that focused activity going on!


Here's my stall (looking just like the one I set up back home) all ready for the doors to open.


There was just enough time to hand in my "free cuppa" ticket to Daisy Boo in tea-shop corner. I also sampled a warm Stilton and Walnut Scone, and can report that it was divine! But I hardly had time for a small bite before I had a flurry of customers.


And here's a taster of some of the other stalls . . .

Sasha Allan's characterful fabric toys.

 James & Joanna's vintage linen furnishings
and recycled wooden decorations.

 Moobaacluck – Gabriella Buckingham's
handpainted signs, decorations and cards.

 Ripping Yarns' appropriate tweedy banner :-)

 Planet Penny's Christmas Tree

I wanted to take photos of all the stalls, but only managed a few. However I've noticed that Penny has lots more photos of other stalls over on her blog.)

Thank you Lisa for once again picking a lovely eclectic quality mix!

And thank you to everyone who came along to buys things from all the stalls . . . it made all the hard work worth while.



  1. I think I would have given up and gone back home if I'd met with a long diversion like that. Well done for persevering.

    Your stall looked very good and I feel as if I've actually been in that hall! I hope it was all worthwhile. And that scone sounds delicious.

  2. It was lovely to meet you and see your work in the flesh. I went straight into town and bought a piece of lino after talking to you! I can't wait to experiment with it. But I've got some paper cut commissions I MUST get done first, so like all good things, it will have to wait!

  3. It looks fabulous Celia... next year maybe I'll make it to Holt.

  4. Celia, I am so glad that the fair was a success...particularly after that travel surprise. Great that your "natural" navigational skills were so strong!

    My friend did not manage to get to the fair, but I've given her your blog address and still hope that she'll be able to see your beautiful prints.


  5. We breakfasted on the divine Stilton and Walnut Scones too! It was so lovely to see you, Celia, and I'm very happy with my beautiful print!

  6. Your stall looks very well laid out and classy. The food stall looks pretty good too!

  7. Pleased that you had such a wonderful time. Sasha Allans' trees are so cute.

  8. Well done on your navigation - I panic at diversions as I never know where I'm heading. Your stall is the same as at home,minus one furry helper!

  9. Looks like a lovely craft fair - I'd have liked to have been there. Glad you had a good day, in spite of diversions. Having been to the area(s) you drove through, I know just what you mean about roads/rivers and crossings. Glad you got there in plenty of time.
    Your stall looked great - so well planned and laid out. I hope it was worthwhile and you sold plenty of things, as well as enjoying the atmosphere and cameraderie with other sellers.

  10. Thanks for writing such a wonderful post Celia which captures what a great day we all had. Thanks also for your support in letting other people know about it, all hugely appreciated.

    Lisa x

  11. kentivOooohhh I'm really jealous. That looks like such a great event but I'm on the other side of the country. Holt is really pretty too. We visited Norfolk last year and stayed in Blakeney. We had such a lovely time.

  12. Hi Celia, Thank goodness you made it after the tortuous journey!! Well done! It looks a lovely event, I'm glad it went well for you, your stall looks great.

  13. I didn't realise you had such a tough journey over. You looked very calm and in control when we arrived. Am very pleased with my purchases. Till next time then..


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