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Thursday 14 April 2011

Perfectly packaged

Yesterday the postman delivered a package from Japan . . . I knew what must be inside – I'd made a purchase on Etsy, but it was a surprise that it had arrived so quickly!

For a while I just enjoyed looking at all the stickers and stamps on the outside, then it got even more interesting when I took out the contents . . . like 'Pass the Parcel' there was another package inside and I remembered how packaging is an art in Japan. I won't be throwing this paper away!

This is what I found inside: two fabric covered buttons (one with a 'C' for Celia on it); two pairs of chop-sticks in little folded paper packets; and some pretty decorative stickers.

Ooooo . . . there's more: little packets of tissues with Miss Kitty designs on them and a map of the Tokyo subway – these made me laugh. They reminded me of my holiday seven years ago – they are so typically Tokyo!

But, wait a minute! I didn't order any of those things, they were just little extra gifts that Mayumi had popped into the parcel :-)

This is what I'd bought from her Etsy shop, Karaku . . .

Wooden rubber alphabet stamps – and what's more it's an old fashioned type-writer style typeface, like the one I use for my studio's stationery; and they are in lovely little tins too!

Gosh! I'm going to have so much fun . . .



  1. Wow what wonderful gifts as an extra bonus to the things you ordered, look forward to seeing what yo do with them!

  2. ooh! I recently bought letter stamps at a crafts store. Rather expensive and not the best quality. I see an etsy purchase in my future...

  3. What an exciting package. All the little extras are almost as lovely as the stamps... almost but not quite!

  4. reation
    Christmas come early ! Love the stamps.going to have to get some....a host of possibilities !!! Looks like you're going to be busy !

  5. Glorious package! Isn't it great when someone takes that much trouble? Looking forward to seeing you use these.

  6. How completely lovely! What is it with the Japanese and perfect wrapping? Have you seen that wonderful book from the 60s called 'How to Wrap Five Eggs'? I think it's out again in paperback and is absolutely captivating....

  7. What a fabulous package! Of course, every single thing is perfectly chosen and presented.

    Wendy's comment has reminded me of that wonderful book. I am going to see if perhaps my library has it. I want to refresh my recollections of its approach.

    Thanks for your visit! xo

  8. Celia,
    I love typography so will be off to that link myself. What a wonderful way to package your choices. Given what has happened in Japan in recent weeks you have to applaud their continued way of doing things. Lesley

  9. How gorgeous is that?
    We had a Japanese teaching assistant spend 9 months at our school. She would make small origami gifts for people - the auspicious crane was a favourite - and she included little chop-stick holders. She had several styles too. And such wonderful papers. Oooh, I'm getting excited!

  10. Oh, what a wonderful package! I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys the stamps and stickers on the outside of packages just as much as the contents :)

    And now I've clicked on the Etsy link...

  11. I think I recognize those letters! I was wondering how you printed the letters on the seed envelope you sent! Wonderful!

  12. Celia, I'm doing a big catch up and am delighting in your posts on so many subjects. Happy Spring to you! (From a beautiful Autumn in eastern Australia.) Carol

  13. Fabulous package Celia - stamps, packaging and those little extras - what a thoughtful touch. And then the purchse itself - wonderful!

    Glad you had a good day in Norwich - it was certainly a blue-sky day from your photos!



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