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Monday 11 January 2010

First new print of 2010

On Friday I completed printing the first carved lino block of 2010, here are some of the prints hanging up to dry . . .

and this afternoon they have been named and numbered . . .

"A fox broke cover" is inspired by the landscape of gently rolling fields, small woods and lines of wind-break trees surrounding the village where I live and work. As dusk approaches animals stalk the hedgerows and birds take to the air; this is the borderland between day and night, between the wild and the tamed world.


  1. How exciting! I love them all in a row like that!

  2. Beautiful composition. I love the way you use positive/negative areas.

  3. Gorgeous prints all in a row. I hope that fox doesn't have chicken on his mind.

  4. Those are so beautiful! I have always loved linocut prints.

    Pomona x

  5. These are really stunning Celia:-)

  6. wonderful! the place i currenty live in has no wild hedge. only a small, sparse, half-trimmed bush which is trying to be a hedge. it's a rather lonely apartment.

  7. What a beautiful evocation of the English countryside. I did lino print at college (Hundreds of years ago) and would love to do some now but all the technical stuff has changed and I wouldn't have a clue what sorts of inks to use now.

  8. *gasp* These are so lovely! I love all the movement you have in your work. Nothing like wet prints on the line to make one smile :)

  9. Bravo, Celia. What a lively series of prints to start a new year. The fox and all the dynamics of your composition are wonderful!

    What sort of paper do you use? Back in the days when I thought I would become an accomplished etcher, I just loved haunting the paper departments of shops around NYC, and testing many sheets ... of paper.


  10. Beautiful! I love the movement in this print. It is filled with great feeling.


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