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Monday 6 August 2007

On a grand scale

OK, I'll be honest, this isn't my garden. It's a walled garden on a rather grander scale than ours at Audley End just over the county boundary in Essex which is a showcase garden for Garden Organic and the Heritage Seed Library (members of Garden Organic can visit the garden free of charge). Last week we visited to check out the figs and peaches in the little Thomas Rivers Orchard House and to enjoy strolling round the wide paths between the trained apple and pear trees.

Artichokes, seakale (with forcing pots) and cardoons in the vegetable borders, plum trees are fan trained around the outer walls.

The 21st Century garden has beautiful borders planted to attract butterflies, moths and beneficial insects There is a clover lawn in the centre surrounded by a lavender hedge.

In the entrance to the Vine House there is a stunning display of Victorian style geraniums, many with scented leaves - peppermint, chocolate, orange, lemon, rose, and cedar.

We bought ice creams and spotted this little book for sale . . .

. . . how could we resist buying it, recipes include 'A Pudding made of Small Birds', 'How to Make Toast Water' and 'How to Prepare a Large Quantity of Good Soup for the Poor'. Among the more familiar dishes are the Christmas favourites - 'Bread Sauce for Roast Fowl', 'Bubble and Squeak' and 'Mince Pie'.


  1. Gosh, I must visit Audley End. It looks wonderful. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Cottage Smallholder - I'm sure you've driven past the entrance lots of times - treat yourself to a visit!

    As well as the walled gardens there is a beautiful parterre garden behind the house and acres of parkland studded with follies.


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