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Sunday, 25 July 2010

You never know who you'll bump into . . .

Today was the last day of Cambridge Open Studios 2010, so I decided to visit three studios a short drive away. My first stop was to see Robert Good, I'm familiar with Robert's realistic oil paintings and his more recent bright 'pop art' style paintings but to my surprise his recent work has taken a new route . . . and it was good to see him obviously excited by new challenges. We had a long chat about the inspirations and ideas in his installations. I particularly liked this series 'Sorted', recorded here in a set of cards. . .

Sorted © Robert Good 2010

My next stop was at Lorraine Izon's studio, she works mainly in ceramics and obviously loves textures and patterns as well as hares, owls and hens – I couldn't resist buying this blue glazed tile . . .

I then headed off into the edge of the Fens where the Devil's Dyke comes to an end on a little village green, right next to Emma Mitchell's cottage. Some of you may know Emma as blogger Silverpebble, walking up the winding garden path to the beach hut studio (which is full of wonderful silver and bead and vintage treasures) I heard gales of laughter and excited chatter . . . not only Mrs P herself but also two other bloggers – Just a Thimbleful and Dottycookie were in the hut along with some other visitors – yes, it was quite a crush!

Mrs P suggested that we settle ourselves at the little table – she bribed us with home baked biscuits, we had a good old natter and drank lots of tea

We even spotted some fairies ;-)

Thank you Emma for allowing us to have an impromptu bloggers tea-party in your pretty garden :-)


  1. I love that tile x

  2. Wow what an excellent day you had, and fancy having a bloggers tea party, what fun!

  3. now that looks like a fab day!

  4. Impromptu parties are often the best (and always better with special friends!)
    I have Tile Envy too!

  5. Loving that chicken tile, so cute.

    Looks like I missed the party as I popped to Emmas on Saturday to oohh and ahhh over her pretty makes.

  6. I knew there must be fairies in that beautiful garden! Love the tile!

  7. As I keep on saying, it was lovely to meet you all and, although I am old enough to be your (collective) mother, it was so good to feel part of the gang !

  8. yea for fairies & polka-dot wellies! & biscuits.

  9. Such a lovely afternoon. I haev a bit of a "day after Christmas" feeling today!

  10. I had a taste of the gooseberry jam this morning. I was in jammy heaven. You always ring the BEST presents Celia.

    Thankyou SO much for coming, it was a great treat.

  11. Hi Belleaukitchen and Veg Heaven - I think you'd both like Lorraine's other ceramic works too.

    Hi Lyn - the tea party was totally unplanned, which made it even better!

    Hi Carrie - it was :-)

    Hi Scented Sweetpeas - wasn't Emma's Open Studio event a delight in every way!

    Hi Gina - I think the fairies live in the Willow Wigwam ;-)

    Hi Mavis - great to meet you at long last!

    Hi Petoskystone - the biscuits were so yummy!

    Hi Emma - well done you!!! we had great fun, I expect that all your visitors did :-)



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