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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Mediterranean diet

Has it rained yet? No – not here (well, only two trivial showers) and they don't really count. The Metcheck weather forecasting web site has been teasing us with prediction of proper rain . . . 14mm on Monday, 6mm on Wednesday. Now they're being a bit more realistic . . . we may get – and I won't get too excited – 0.8mm this evening. A few miles to the north of us, there is an agricultural research company who publish detailed records of the weather, it's official – in July 2010 we live in the driest spot in the UK.

But, even though our grass is dry and brown, there are vegetables which have loved the conditions – I haven't even watered them and they've thrived! So, let me show off a pretty good crop of garlic . . .

and some plump globe artichokes . . .

I think I'll consult Elizabeth David and cook up a Mediterranean supper :-)


  1. we've had a good downpour but nothing like they said to expect.
    Hubby is looking after the veg at the moment-I hope!

  2. right... next spring... you, in a car, Lincolnshire, with spade and seeds... me... i'll switch on the oven...

  3. It is tipping it down here at the moment! I've got a bumper crop of garlic too!

  4. Oy, Gina - send the rain up here. It's only 5 or 6 miles but we're dry as a bone still.

    Our garlic was a disaster - I think it didn't like overwintering ... ah well, you live and learn!

  5. Down here in devon we've had nearly a months worth of rain in the last 24 hours (at least it feels like that) I'm sure I can see the garden getting greener.

    Should have pulled my garlic on monday.


  6. Just a thimbleful....

    Down here in Melbourn we've had no rain either! How can Gina say it is pouring 7 miles down the road? We are the driest place in England I believe - on with the hose! Love your jammy posts.

  7. We've had a cracking thunder storm this evening and it has rained most of the day, took a peek over the wall at our allotment (on the way home from the swimming pool) and it really looks much healthier now.
    twiggy x

  8. Ah, rain! Just had a couple of days of showers. Not enough and it's too little, too late for things like early spuds which will only make a small contribution to the plate this year.

    Your artichokes are gorgeous.

  9. Hi Lyn - hope you get some rain so it's not too much hard work for your husband while you're recuperating.

    Hi Belleaukitchen - mmmm? I'll send you some seeds if you like - how's that?

    Hi Gina - home grown garlic is so pungent! We've had a little rain now.

    Hi Dottycookie - isn't it weird how localised the weather is around here?

    Hi Jess - that's probably a year's worth for our area :-O

    Hi Mavis - I forgotten just how satisfying jam making can be!

    Hi Twiggyp-s - it's amazing how a short downpour can perk everything up!

    Hi Veg Heaven - it's worth growing some of those hot dry climate crops, they thrive during heat wave!



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