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Friday, 2 July 2010

Off on a new adventure

A while back I somehow stumbled upon a blog called Letters form Schwarzville, I think it was a link someone had put on Twitter. Anyhow, I'm so pleased I did, because this blog is written (and brilliantly illustrated) by Viviane who is a very talented writer and illustrator. Her picture book There are Cats in this Book was nominated for a very big prize; although the judges didn't vote for her to win, she has just been awarded what's probably an even nicer accolade :-)

What really caught my eye was a link on Viviane's blog saying 'knit some cats' – how tempting is that! So I clicked, downloaded and knitted three very charming cats named Andre, Moonpie and Tiny. They have been living on the bookshelf in my office, but I sensed they were restless and wanted some exciting adventures; so this morning I packed them into a bag . . .

. . . and off we went in my car through the road works and diversions all around Cambridge, out the other side and down the long, straight, hot, dry and dusty roads through The Fens. We went to see Mrs P aka Emma who makes lovely things from silver and precious stones and treasures inspired by the countryside and seaside. Mrs P gave me a glass of her home-made elderflower cordial because I was very hot and tired and we also had toast and Dulce de Leche (which I'd bought from the Daily Bread Co-op and is very naughty but very very nice and thoroughly recommended as a pick-me-up!).

Mrs P agreed that she, Mr P and the Miss Ps, would love to adopt Andre, Moonpie and Tiny :-) so I waved goodbye, knowing they had lots of new friends and will no doubt have lots of exciting adventures.


  1. The girls haven't met their new feline friends yet - they'll be back very soon though. I for one am thrilled - they are so full of character!.Fabulous.

    It was a great treat to see you today, especially bringing such lovely treasures with you.

    Thankyou so much!

  2. Hahaha you're mad I love it - 'there are cats in this bag'. I used to knit loads as a challenge (I have permanent double vision) but I have recently got out of the habit. Plus my life has been packed away in boxes for the past 6months. Photography is always there for me though :)
    I'm sure you little feline friends will be much adored in they're new home. I'm allergic to cats but drop by my house anytime with our animals - hehe

  3. How lovely to have a friend like you, bringing goodies when you visit. Lerve the cats, will have to go have a nosey at the site as I have a cat-mad friend with a birthday coming up soon. So thank you...

  4. I met Viviane at the Write Away conference in London in May - she is a lovely person as well as very talented and very amusing to listen to as well. I love her picture book - There Are Cats in the Book, and am eyeing up her new one too. I think I'm about to start knitting some cats now!

  5. The cats are lovely... and thanks for the link to Viviane's blog which is charming. It was really good to see you today Celia and I realised as soon as you went I didn't even offer you a drink which was awful of me... I think my head is somewhere else when I do Open Studios. Come back for tea and cake another time?


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