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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Look around and what do I see?

When the roller-coaster of life slows a little, there's time to step back and look at my surroundings . . .

. . . and it's far from neat and tidy!

Yes, when deadlines come end-on-end and life in-between gets a little less straightforward, tidiness in my studio goes out the window.

Today, I need to sort things out, order will be restored (yes it will! I will not get distracted) and then I can start some new projects.

See you later :-)

Now, where are those studio assistants when I need them?


  1. LOL that cheers me no end, Celia.My study is just the same- precious books strewn everywhere, vital scraps of paper currently residing under the cat.....

  2. Thankyou. I have always thought you such a well-ordered soul.
    I now feel much happier in my muddled state.

    (Yes, I, too, will have a blitz. But not today!)

    ooh! w v is supyr Smacks of Ms. Conran!

  3. So glad it's not only me... speaking of which must go and get that floor cleared before Saturday!

  4. Oh I love it - you've made me feel so normal!!

  5. Just come out of my sewing (and seeds) room thinking I must get on top of it. I know I won't of course!

  6. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

  7. I'm still on that rollercoaster! it just doesn't seem to stop sometimes. Don't worry about the mess. Disorganized room means an organized mind!

  8. ah organized chaos! love the smell. however, in order to start a new project, i do require straightening it all out--rearranges my thoughts as i rearrange my environment.

  9. I can hardly bear to look at my study just now. We are redoing the kitchen (such a short phrase for something so huge and house shaking) and everything is everywhere else and the paper was already threatening to take over the world. But, while I might be worse than you are, I am not alone!


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