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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Some advice on chillin'

The studio assistants would like to pass on their advice about coping in the extreme heat we are experiencing here in south-west Suffolk and large parts parts of the south and east of England this summer . . .

During the day . . .

. . . find somewhere shady . . .

. . . and do as little as possible . . .

. . . got it?


  1. Chance would be a fine thing.....I've spent 4 hot hours dictating away in a warm dining room for a special project. I need to find a cold spot (and a cold drink) and obviously need to take tips form your cool cats, Celia!

    Julie XX

  2. A cat's capacity for relaxation never ceases to amaze me. How I miss my lovely Kipper who slept in places that made it look as though he had been thrown into the borders or up onto a roof; and regularly slid off sofas in his deepest slumber.

  3. I will take that advice on board! I wish my chickens would just sleep all day however as they ransacked my lettuce today and now we have hardly any left gggrrrr.

  4. Oh, I have got it...the visual message is so, so clear!

    I will try in my own little way to practice what those fabuous kitties have been preaching ... tomorrow. Just wondering (in the back of my mind) who will be doing the laundry, getting the groceries, cleaning the apartment.

    You see, dear kitties, I have not quite got it, because such matters still concern me on a hot summer day.


  5. The wisdom of the feline....I have learnt a lot. Please give out extra tickles on my behalf, I shall endeavour to be more cat like (though it is pouring here with gales today but I think the same rules probably apply, don't you?).

  6. It's supposed to hit 95 F here (around 35 C) and stay there for a week with no rain! I'll probably bring Candy into the house to stay in the room with the air conditioner. It's going to be brutal - but you should see my pumpkin patch. I water it daily, and the plants love the heat. Right now I have a great crop of leaves- we'll see what happens when the fruit sets! What I love about cats is that they laze about with no sense of guilt for doing nothing. I can't do that, but wish I could.

  7. But you see, we have to do all the work. Cats have Staff!


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