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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Will it be a piece of cake?

Come on En-ger-land!

This afternoon our village is providing teas for the choir and musicians from a north London school, who will later perform in the village church. This is an occasion which happens every other year and gives thanks to Thomas Parmiter, a silk merchant who had a farm in our village and in 1722 used the income to fund a school for the education of 'poor boys' in London.

I decided that my contribution for the teas would have a patriotic theme, after all the result of a certain football match will decide whether Choral Evensong will be a celebration or a solace. I'm sure at the end of the today Cliff and I will find something to smile about – we're going to the local Arts Centre for an evening in the company of dear Rabbi Blue, who I'm certain would approve of a large slice of carrot cake.


  1. Oh how lovely - I love Rabbi Blue. A real gentleman.
    (Is there a footie match on then?)

  2. I'm trying to avoid the football! Sounds like you'll have a lovely day and Rabbi Blue is so good to listen to.


  3. Oh, dear. Well, the cake looks delicious!

  4. Well, I am sure your cakes brought good cheer!

  5. Lionel Blue! He's just great, I used to look forward to his soothing voice on the radio. Was it good? I bet it was a sight better than our footy result.

  6. Hi Veg Heaven and Su - The footie is best forgotten! Rabbi Blue is indeed a real gentleman and very wise.

    Hi Elephant's Eye - "Oh dear" just about sums it up - we weren't very good were we?!

    Hi Acornmoon - the choir was on good form and the cakes were yummy!

    Hi Silverpebble - Rabbi Blue is 80 now and can still tell a good story - both funny and wise. As for the footi, as Lynne Truss said on Radio 4 this morning: "England were pants".

  7. What cute little cakes and for such a good cause! Takes all the guilt out of eating them :)

    ps (loved those thatched roof photos from many posts ago. They are charming!)


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