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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Behind the scenes

This blog is about what's going on in and around my studio . . . so I intended to blog about a busy day working in The Riverslade Gallery on Friday followed by a bit of Bank Holiday fun and relaxation . . .

"CUT!" Let' s start again.

Those things didn't happen, because on Thursday night I went down with a tummy bug and I didn't even begin to feel better until yesterday lunchtime – it wiped out three and a half days. But you don't want to know about that (and I'd rather forget about it!) and I'm now back in my studio drinking a cup of tea and easing myself back into a working week.

You all know that I focus on the positive on PPPs (and even on the busiest stressiest day I can usually find something fitting for a PPP-post) so here are tasters of things coming along later this month.

A happy looking box arrived at the weekend. Its contents . . .

. . . my smart new business cards :-) This is all part of my website makeover and my preparations for Saffron Walden Open Studios weekend on 19th and 20th June when I'll be exhibiting my work alongside Annette Jacob's textile creations at her studio at Duddenhoe End.

Meanwhile, preparations for our village fete are reaching a peak; one of the things I'd volunteered to do was to give the Bean-Bag game a new look (be careful when attending village meetings where wine is served!). Cliff had an inspired idea and left it to me to paint while he went to check out some footpath routes. So I spent yesterday afternoon in the garage painting and to the accompaniment of Classic FM. If you'd like to play iBean bag an app, come along to the village fete on 12th June.

PS: It's a new month, so voting over at the Little Blog Awards is starting for June's winner. If you'd like to vote for PPPs click on the link in the side bar.


  1. Hope you are feeling better now Fx

  2. I've just had a terrible lurgy for about 10 days now, I sympathize with you. Hope you are feeling better. Exciting to see your new business cards, I am in the process of producing my own at the moment. Watch this space.

  3. hope you are on the mend! awesome business cards--my first thought is that the hare woud make a great tattoo! :)

  4. Love the new cards! Very snazzy.


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