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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ready and waiting

After a busy afternoon yesterday, our work is now on display in Annette's studio in Duddenhoe End. And just to make sure you don't get lost around the lanes of north-west Essex (even with a a sat-nav to help) we went out in the drizzle, armed with gaffer tape and a mallet, to put up signs with arrows to guide you along the route.

When I got home last night I was looking forward to cooking supper, drinking a glass of red wine and then watching a footie match on TV (I thought I'd watch just one at least just to see what I was missing!). Then I'd have a wallowy bath before bed.

I was just about to turn on the heat under the new potatoes (freshly harvested from big pots in the greenhouse) when the phone rang . . . our friends were sitting in the pub and where were we? There had been crossed wires and emails and instead of Saturday night the table had been booked for Friday! So we hastily revised our plans, turned off the oven, jumped into the car (looking a bit disheveled), and raced down to the pub. Our table was in the restaurant area, so we could only guess what was happening in 'the match', but we got the gist from the groans of the people watching the TV in the bar . . . and they weren't elated.

You can see details of all the studios that are open this weekend, here. Good luck everyone! I'm now heading off to Duddenhoe End . . .


  1. Wishing you a successful weekend.

  2. Good luck with your open studio weekend. I hope the visitors turn out in droves.

  3. I am sure your exhibition will be heaps better than last night's footie!

  4. Such a shame that you are so far South! Good luck anyway and all the best.

  5. I did SO want to get over to your Open Studio but DD2 turned up at 10 a.m. with a Fathers Day gift and we were going out to lunch at 12 so didn't make it. Hope it went well, are you doing more than one weekend? (said she hopefully)

  6. How lovely it looks. I wish you lots of visitors and sales.


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