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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunny intervals

Thank you to everyone who navigated the Essex lanes and came to see our Open Studio. On Saturday between increasingly heavy showers we had a sprinkling of visitors. In fact we had been very lucky, on my way home I could see that there had been much more serious rain close by. At home Cliff told me there had been storms and power cuts, and just then the power went off again, it stayed off for a long time so we cooked supper on a gas camping stove! As it was almost mid-summer it was still light outside so there was no need to get out the candles and lamps; the overhead power cables were repaired and the power supply was back by 9.30pm.

Sunday brightened up in more ways than just sunshine (but that in itself was lovely) and we were busy for most of the day. Visitors enjoyed being in the little garden behind 'May's Cottage' – old thatched cottages seem grow out of the ground like toadstools, I like how the thatcher has created organic curving shapes instead of imposing regularity onto her.

As well as our display of larger work in Annette's studio, we put smaller things and cards in the little conservatory. It was good that people asked us lots of questions about how I cut my lino blocks and choose colours; and how Annette makes her rag rugs and patchwork. And it was lovely to actually meet some happy customers and see some of my prints going off to their new homes.

And then, of course, at the end of the day we had to pack everything up – luckily Cliff had been walking near Saffron Walden and dropped by on his way home to help me, it was so much easier fitting everything into two cars!


  1. such lovely photos! glad you had such a good time. :)

  2. Such a lovely setting for an Open Studio day - just sorry I couldn't make it over there Celia.

    Glad you had a good and successful day - its amazing how people will turn out, even in bad weather. We went to an Suffolk Open Studio in Bury on Saturday and it tipped down!

    Absolutely lovely photos of an idyllic cottage!!


  3. Really sorry to have missed it. It looks an idyllic setting.

  4. I so enjoyed my trip to the studio. It was nice to have a natter. I thought Annette's garden was very beautiful. I'm glad that you got busy as the weather warmed up.

  5. Very lovely. I like the idea of the organic growth of the cottage out of the garden. Oh no, have just realised it is half eleven. Was on my way to bed an hour ago. That is midsummer eve for you! Just too light.

  6. Celia, that setting is rather wonderful! The lighting is beautiful, and I am sure gave your work a glow.

    Hoping that many purchases were made, many contacts made, and that the next exhibit will be even better.



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