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Thursday, 1 October 2009

It's October!

I could just write "see below" because this week has been more or less just like last week - I've popped out to see the under-gardeners from time to time; I had sweetcorn for lunch; I've been spending most of the time at the computer with Photoshop - the studio-assistants keeping me company; and it hasn't rained.

But, let's celebrate the fact that IT'S OCTOBER - hurrah, my favourite month. I love the hedgerows full of lovely fruits and colours, the days which are often so bright and sunny and the slight chill in the air which is an excuse to put on snugly socks and jumpers (I'm not a hot weather girl). And also, tomorrow is my birthday – no NOT the big one with a zero at the end, but nearly - as Cliff reminded me this morning, tomorrow I'm entering the last year of my first half century! Better make it one to remember then!

Before I get back to the grindstone and draw and colour more illustrations (I'm helping a studio to sort out a revision/re-print - if you've ever worked for a publisher those words will probably strike dread into your heart!) I'll show you some pictures of our garden taken this lunchtime . . .

Most of the garden looks like this . . .

The under-gardeners think that this is a vast improvement, Cliff and I have other opinions!

However there are some things in the garden which have thrived in the dry heat, like the containers in the courtyard planted with scented geranium 'Snowflake' which has grown huge and has beautiful lemon-cream fragrance and a lovely fresh green colour and Pineapple Sage - a plant I've had for years and thought it hadn't survived the winter - just look at it! it smells wonderful too.

Behind you can just the tomatoes, after a very slow start they are wonderful this year and without a sign of blight.

In the borders there are some gorgeous splashes of colour from plants which don't mind the arid conditions. Here is salvia greggii with it's cloud of salmon red flowers and the yellow autumn foliage of thalictrum glaucum.

The vegetable garden is very 'end of season' with dying vegetation and seed pods. But a late sowing of salad leaves just before we went on holiday has done really well - look at these lovely lettuce leaves, a variety called 'Summer Marvel', seeds bought in La Palma last January.

Must get back to the task in hand, line drawings this afternoon . . . quilt, chick, cake (might need reference for that one)

I'll keep you updated on Twitter - there are exciting things in the diary this month.


  1. y'know, it took the undergardeners all season to get the garden looking hen-shape....happy birthday!!

  2. Nice to know that you are busy. Where would we be without Photoshop, or the internet for that matter. Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday to You.

  3. Your garden looks great Celia, even the hen shaped bits! I know what you mean about October but...I still struggle with the dying of the light come Autumn time. I like the snuggly sweaters tho'.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, have a lovely day, Penny x

  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow Celia!

  5. Happy Birthday Celia! Each moment brings us wonder and something new, celebrate each day as if it is the first!

    I just visited your etsy shop for the first time, beautiful work! And I love your little cochin icon, very cute.

  6. Hippo birdy 2 ewes, Celia!
    I chalk up another one this month and my blog will reach #3 so I'm thinking of a little giveaway..
    Love those lettuces! My last red mustard bolted like a gun-shy horse.

  7. I second the hurrah for October and snuggly jumpers - although not JUST yet! Happy Birthday for tomorrow Celia, have a lovely day.

    Jeanne x

  8. I didn't suffer this year with tomato blight either. I know a lot of bloggers did, but I think my bit of Hillingdon must be a dry microclimate because we always seem to miss the rain when it falls only a mile away.

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope your day is wonderful, The garden is looking great.

  10. Glad you liked La Palma, where we live and work.
    I am a bit curious about the 'Summer Marvel, seeds bought in La Palma'. La Palma is known for its endemic plants and succulents, rugged countryside and terrific views and many country folk have their papas (potatoes) and vegetable gardens.
    Whilst I love the people here they are not exactly adventurous in their eating/growing tastes.
    Where did you find PPP?
    especially www.islalapalma.com/en/nature/

  11. Birthday greetings - have a good one!

  12. Just a thimbleful....

    Hippy barthday ! We've been doing a lot of gardening this week but it is SO dry in Cambridge, we have not seen rain for weeks. Enjoying the tomatoes, though.


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