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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Plant-to-plate time 10 minutes

As the the saying goes 'I've lots of irons in the fire' this week and next - it's good to be busy but doesn't leave any time for blogging.

I'm so lucky to work from a studio right next to my house and garden - it means I can have this for lunch

'Sweet Nugget' corn picked from the Three Sisters bed, cooked and plated up within ten minutes - it tasted so good!

And, of course I can stroll over to say hello to the under-gardeners

Hi girls! :-)

OK, I'll go back to my work and leave you to yours.

PS: You may have noticed that I've signed up to Twitter - when I'm busy I can tweet to say I'm still here.


  1. That looks delicious, and nothing better than the satisfaction of having grown it yourself. I suspect if the undergardeners knew, you would have competition for it!

  2. Ah, there's nothing better than sweetcorn straight from the plant. We only planted 12 this year, to see how well they worked - suffice to say we have an entire bed set aside next year!

  3. I love all that peppery-butter running down the chin thing! Our under-gardeners are complete sweetcorn junkies - they will do ANYTHING for sweetcorn!

  4. Yummy... think I'm going to have to pick some corn for my lunch!

  5. yum--sweetcorn! undergardeners still determined to lay *first*?

  6. Ah, fresh food, I love it. And that looks so yummy. The undergardeners look like they are enjoying a break in between weeding and keeping the garden pest free.

  7. Hello again!
    Back is finally getting better - can walk again and feel ready to blog.
    Missed reading your adventures


  8. Delicious sweetcorn straight from the garden - wonderful!

    We miss hearing from you but work MUST come first, although I do tend to forget that myself sometimes!! Wishing you much creativity in your studio.

    See you soon.

    Jeanne x

  9. Oh yes! there is nothing to compare to a home grown sweetcorn cob, freshly picked and cooked. Bon Appetit!

  10. Lovely sweetcorn. Wouldn't the undergardeners be partial to a bit of maize too? x


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