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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Watery edges

The trackway leads
to sacred places

where gods are waiting

Fear not!

Road guardians

will watch over you

on your journey.

As some of you may have suspected, I've been unplugged for a while – and have been wandering far afield . . .

to a place with lots of watery edges and wide open horizons; skylines whirling with wind turbines; and even more tractors than Suffolk!

Back soon, to tell you more :-)


  1. Oh yes, do tell. That photo of the jetty is so atmospheric.

  2. We wan't more, we wan't more.. don't keep us very long waiting :D

    Jekku says hello to you :)

  3. Noticed your absence! Can't wait to hear more.

  4. happy wanderings Celia! Seeing the first picture and reading the words made me think of the Mists of Avalon! Hopefully you haven't gone that far!!

  5. lovely photographs! is the poem yours? trust you enjoyed yourself :)

  6. Enjoy your travels Celia - I look forward to your return!

    Jeanne x

  7. Love the jetty walkway. Reminds me of was it Risby who took his shoes and socks off and just walked out into the sea.
    Have a happy time travelling.

  8. Just a thimbleful.....

    What is it that draws us to water? It can be so peaceful and soothing but the underlying power is terrifying! Scotland? Or are we up into Finland (very watery) - but the tractors are confusing me!

  9. Ooh I can't wait to hear about it Celia! Hurray back and tell us x

  10. Stunning photographs. I could sit on that jetty for hours....

  11. Well no-one guessed correctly - some got close.

    Chrissie - your guess made me laugh! We were just across the North Sea, and its surprisingly familiar in lots of ways!

    The mysterious verse isn't penned by me, it's the translation of the words at the start of the wooden path to the building housing the bodies of Tollund man and Elling woman, in Silkeborg in Denmark.



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