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Friday, 21 August 2009

Rondo for an autumn garden

summer•shorts no:15

What a composition of colours, a symphony and green burgundy and purple! This is our 'Rondo' grapvine heavy with fruit.

Shhhh! hum the tune quietly - don't tell the hens.


  1. Lovely. I'd like to train grapes up the side of our house.

  2. Oh they look so lovely. We have a vine in the greenhouse at the 'allotment' but I would like to grow one through a pergola on our patio area. Perhaps a project for next year - the other half will need to build the patio first!


  3. Just a thimbleful.....

    How beautiful - our grapes, too, are prolific over the pergola. The vine was a freebee given to us with a crate of wine in a French shop and we planted it in place of a failed wisteria where it has gone mad. Sadly the grapes
    never grow very big and fat (perhaps because I do not have time to thin them out) and they have tough skins and pips - which the supermarket grapes do not have ! (How do they reproduce?...)But they are sweet and the birds love them and the leaves are useful to decorate plates or to use for dolmades. I must take a photograph of MINE and put it on my blog !

  4. Beautiful! How would you describe the taste and texture?

  5. Sorry, this is nothing to do with your current post but an earlier one.

    I went to the fitz today and saw the darwin exhibition which was absolutely fantastic.

    Even Owen was completly wrapped by Robert Farren's Duria Antiquior He drew his own version.(dinosaur things and fossils always great for boys)

    To think we might have missed it thanks for the nudge into action

  6. Don't they look beautiful, I don't think we have had enough sun to grow anything like that.

  7. Hi! Where are you? We miss you :)

  8. Go for it Ed!

    Hi Jeanne - grapes over the patio would be lovely.

    Hi Mavis - I didn't thin our grapes either - maybe I should (the under-gardeners would love that job!) But I too made dolmadas this summer - yummy!

    Hi Goosebreeder - thank you :-)

    Hi Thomas - the flesh is semi-sweet, with lots of pips (!!!!) and the skins are quite thick and have a dry bitterness. We don't make wine, so they are destined to be made into jelly. Some sweet, some flavoured with herbs.

    Rhiannon - I'm so pleased you and Owen enjoyed the Darwin exhibition :-)

    Hi Acornmoon - they've ripened beautifully this year, there are lots of vineyards in Suffolk.

    Hi Quu - well spotted ;-) I was in Denmark.



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