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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

New for you to view (and me to do)

summer•shorts no:11

The to-do done list:

design and send out a new flyer promoting my illustration work to publishers and studios tick
add a new section of digital illustrations to the online gallery tick
complete a new set of illustrations and print new cards tick
put the new cards in the Etsy shop tick
tidy up the Etsy shop tick
add lots of new digital illustration work to the Studio pages of my web site tick
revise the web site home page tick
start new paintings . . . oh! can't tick this one yet, but it's dull and rainy outside so I'll make a start
put Giraffe and Elephant book in the Etsy shop . . . mmmmm! – I should do that today too tick it's here in the Etsy shop
start the design and illustrations for the two new little books I've been planning in my head . . . yes! I MUST
write a new to-do list


  1. Oh, well done, on all those accomplishments! Your pictures of cats in baskets are marvelous. Just seeing them makes me want to curl up for a nap.

    Best wishes!

  2. I'd be really interested to know how much the Etsy shop can be looked to as a source of income. Lots of people offer things to sell there - but do lots of people buy?

    Lucy Corrander

  3. Put me down for a copy of the G & E straight away please - I need one for a newborn. It's such a favourite amongst friends and their tots


  4. Aren't you well organised. I would never have got all those ticked on my list. Beautiful cat in baskets.

  5. Love those cats in the baskets!

  6. Well done!
    I wish I could tick my things off.
    I'm getting there snail pace :)
    The cat cards look lovely x

  7. Goodness me! What a lot you have managed to get done! Perhaps you could come over and help me when you have finished - my list doesn't seem to be getting any ticks at all ;-)

  8. You have been busy! My mum's cats sleep in baskets over night in the laundry and they even take themselves off to bed when they've had enough of the day. There's only one left and she still likes to curl up in there. Lovely prints!

  9. Gosh - I can't even get down to doing the 'to do' list! That's number 1.

  10. My, you have been busy - well done! I never get past item number 1 on my lists!
    Checked out your online gallery and your studio pages - love everything - I know where to come now for Christmas and birthday's!
    The cats in baskets are wonderful.

  11. Oooh! Scary lists! GOod luck as you tick it all off! x

  12. Oh, how I envy your stroked-through life, mine decidedly both double underlined and un-ticked. Even my latest blog is uncoordinated and wanders about alarmingly with it's head in the clouds. Must get it all together.

  13. I am impressed that you get your cats to sleep in baskets - my two little darlings slept everywhere BUT their baskets!

  14. Hi Petoskystone - and satisfying too!

    Hi Frances - you're right, sleeping cats are very calming.

    Hi Lucy Corrander - I've emailed you.

    Hi Silverpebble - good to know the book is enjoyed so much :-)

    Hi Cathy - the trick is to make a list of achievable things - ticking them off is hugely satisfying!

    Hi Gina - me too!

    Hi Karen - I advise not putting everything on the list, then it's not disheartening when they never get ticked ;-)

    Hi Danielle - if I visited you I'd spend all day looking at your gorgeous ponies and get nothing done at all!

    Hi Jacqui - I think your Mum has very discerning cats :-)

    Hi Vegetable Heaven - looks as though you achieve a lot without needing a list to motivate you!

    Hi Cottage Garden - thank you :-)

    Hi Pennygj - the most time consuming and most difficult haven't been ticked...

    Hi Woodland Fay - I'll pop over to read your thoughts, sure to be pertinent as ever...

    Hi Mavis - I don't think we exactly trained them, but we encouraged the basket habit when they chose to do it (the only way to 'train' a cat!)



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