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Saturday, 24 October 2009

An invitation to pop along to Long Melford

This morning I went to one of my favourite villages, just a flying visit between buying meat at my new favourite butcher's shop and the big Saturday shop at the local supermarket. I would normally want to linger for longer.

To walk up the hill to one of the most spectacular churches in East Anglia; or have a delicious lunch at The Black Lion; or to browse around the many antique emporia; or wander along the very long main street and pop into all the lovely little shops . . .

. . . and galleries . . .

like this one, which I did go into this morning to deliver my framed prints. Jean and Jessica who run The Jessica Muir Gallery, spotted my prints in Verandah in Norwich and when they realised that I lived in Suffolk (not far from Long Melford) they invited me to exhibit in their gallery.

My prints will be on show alongside a wonderful range of art and crafts – I spotted some beautiful pictures, jewellery, ceramics and very special Christmas decorations. So if you live within reach of Long Melford I can recommend a visit as the festive season approaches; after you've got the Christmas presents and special foodie treats sorted you can warm your toes by a real fire in (my fave) The Black Lion or one of the many other traditional hostelries and have a seasonal tipple.



  1. Hey hey! I used to have a collection at the Jessica Muir Gallery (2004 I think)! What a coincidence!

    I do love Long Melford. What a gorgeous little village. Those antique shops! The nosh at that pub is wonderful too. I hope your prints sell like tasty hot cakes x

  2. Can't believe I've never been there... must put that to right!

  3. Long Melford is one of thpose places that always leaves beautiful sunny images in my mind that linger long after we have left. I must make another visit soon.

  4. I live 5 mins from Long melford, and can higly recommend the monthly farmers markets there too.

  5. Just a thimbleful....

    Yes, Long Melford is delightful -just imagine what Britain was like when all the villages were like that! No Tesco or MacDonalds!
    Looking at your earlier post, it made me think how much I miss my two adorable cats......

  6. Long Melford is one of my favourite places to visit - and Lavenham too which I have posted about on my blog recently! Yep the Black Lion is a great pub and I love Kentwell Hall when they do their Tudor days! Will pop into the Jessica Muir Gallery soon!

    Jeanne x

  7. Hi Silverpebble - what a coincidence indeed! and yes the food at The Black Lion is delicious.

    Hi Gina - why not ask Stuart to take you there for a pre-Christma lunch.

    Hi Dottycookie - yes it always make me feel happy too.

    Hi Su - I must time a visit to coincide with the framers' market - thank you.

    Hi Mavis - you're right, it's lovely to find a village packed with thriving independent businesses.

    Hi Cottage Garden - we love to walk along the great lime tree avenue at Kentwell Hall in the winter - the branches are full of spheres of mistletoe.



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