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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Autumn glory

We have explored miles and miles of local footpaths, it's amazing that we're still discovering new routes. This afternoon, in mild - almost muggy- weather, we set off following the map to explore paths new to us . . .

We found ourselves in this beautiful wood - moments before I took this photo a herd of fallow deer ran through the woods from right to left right in front of us.

And after the woods there was this panoramic view - Suffolk doesn't get much higher than this (120m). It's so difficult to capture the subtlety of fading light and distant fields (click on the picture to enlarge it) there's so much in that strip of landscape between ploughed earth and sky.

The hedgerows are full of autumn fruits . . .

The unlikely combination of the vivid pink casings and the orange seeds of the Spindle bush - a spangly explosion of colour!

Plump clusters of inky blue sloes tucked among the leaves turning buttery yellow on the Blackthorn bushes.

And blood-red haws on the prickly tangle of the Hawthorn - a feast waiting for the arrival of the winter thrushes from the far north. My mind is stuffed full of images to keep me happy through dark evenings and cold nights which will arrive very soon.


  1. What a wonderful time of year! I'm sure there are more berries around this year, they are everywhere.

  2. I know that feeling. I tried taking some pictures of where my Nan lives, on the Shotley peninsula and I just couldn't do it any justice.... Not easy to photograph the flat landscapes you find over your way!

  3. It's a fabulous long autumn - last year we'd had snow by now.

  4. I have so enjoyed seeing these views on Halloween evening. The landscapes are wonderful and obviously offer such a contrast to what I see daily here in NYC.

    Yesterday, I did go to a prominent midtown gallery to see David Hockney's current exhibit of paintings and drawings done in the past two years in Yorkshire. Seasons are shown in a particular location.

    I loved the charcoal drawings on Arches watercolor paper, and found the big paintings, formed from combining 6 or more canvasses together, quite clever in their way of evoking the Real Thing.

    Lucky you to actually be in that Real Thing. xo

  5. Beautiful and so many berries and a full larder for the birds and animals.
    You can only evoke a memory of a landscape like that.If you've never seen one similar you have no idea of the subtleties, the smells, the movement, the quiet, gentle beauty.The photo is a reminder and of course not everyone 'gets it'. Lovely post!

  6. how lovely to have new paths to explore!

  7. thanks for the lovely walk through wooded lanes.

  8. Thank you for sharing such a glorious autumnal walk! There really has been an abundence of berries this year - all in such beautiful colours too!

    Jeanne x

  9. What a wonderful walk. Thanks for sharing ... :0)

  10. wow, how beautiful seeing the beauty where you live. We're below zero, though nearly always sunny, with about a foot of snow on the ground. I loved the forest shot especially but those berries are amazing -- so many of them!


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