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Thursday, 4 June 2009

An urgent announcement . . .

by Saffron Spice:


I've laid an EGG!

Did you hear that? I've just laid an EGG!

I'll just say that again – AN EGG!!!


  1. Congrats Saffron, so cute-but I can't help thinking there's an evolutionary flaw in announcing the fact quite so insistently....

  2. Ah bless - does she do that every time (and how close are your nearest neighbours)?

  3. it does sound remarkably like she is saying 'egg' at the end of the clucking!

    Think I would make a huge row if I laid an egg too!

  4. Bless her, she has me chuckling now!

  5. oh blimey - I've got to wait another 4 weeks probably before my new hens start to lay - I've got that to look forward to!!

  6. She certainly sounds pleased with herself!

  7. It must have been one magnificent egg.

    Did you hear that? I said MAGNIFICENT!

  8. Congratulations, my dog barked all the way through this!

  9. Hi Threadspider - mmmm?! she didn't think that through...

    Hi Bilbo - she does indeed! and so does Nutmeg (even more squawky if that's possible!) Ginger and the senior under-gardeners are less shouty about egg laying. We have neighbours but they aren't too close by - in fact one neighbour gets the giggles when she hears this and her hens join in!

    Hi Zoe - she IS saying 'EGG' ;-)

    Hi Toffeeapple - see! hen therapy :-)

    Hi Chrissie - they don't all do 'the announcement' as enthusiastically as this. The Spice Girls are particularly vocal (I should have known!)

    Hi Matron - well wouldn't you be! she's just laid a blue egg!

    Hi Veg Heaven - THANKS!

    Hi Petoskystone - she certainly puts her heart into it!

    Hi Acornmoon - LOL that's so funny!


  10. A sound I miss. Must take the campaign up another notch...

  11. sorry Saffron - what was that you said? I didn't quite hear you. It's time for bed? You don't look ready for bed. That's not what you said? Oh, I must have missed it. What was it again? OH! YOU LAID AN EGG. Well done you! The girls send their congratulations and want to know if you would like to do a coop swap. They say the Dome is roomy and comfortable, even in an Australian winter and they'd like to practice their two step on the snow because it looks like fun but we don't get snow here. Let us know.

    Dome Down Under xx

  12. I have a Black Rock that does exactly the same!

  13. She certainly needed to get that off her chest now didn't she. I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks!


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