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Friday, 26 June 2009

The fate of the fete

Tomorrow afternoon is the Village Fete in our village – tents are being erected, bric-a-brac sorted, cakes have been baked, plants have been potted up, games dusted down and bean bags/balls/bowls/darts located, the band has been booked and the archery club persuaded to come along, balloons are being inflated, bunting untwiddled . . .

But will it be sunny?

Now, that is the big question! The weather is the wild card in any outdoor summer event in England, our weather is so unpredictable. We're assured that forecasting is getting more accurate, but that just means that people might stay at home only to realise, too late, that it was sunny anyway! It's best to be relaxed about it and hey! if it rains, just put on your mac and wellies and carry on having fun. Don't get too serious about the forecast, as BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker demonstrated beautifully yesterday.

So, wherever you are this weekend, and whatever the weather, have fun.

I'll be back after the fete :-)


  1. I fear rain....it is Glastonbury after all ;-)

  2. Wishing blue sky and dry land for your fete. Here in New York, we have had a record-setting rainy June, and that is very strange weather for us at this time of the year.

    I loved seeing all the blooming pea plants in your prior posts. The flowers are so delicate in their shapes and coloring.

    Best wishes!

  3. What a hoot! I'm amazed he could carry on after that!

    I hope you enjoy your féte, whatever the weather.

  4. It made the evening news too!

    I hope your day goes wonderfully. You'll all be shattered by the end, whatever the weather.

  5. I hope it's a perfect weekend for the fete.

  6. It has been threatening rain all day here in London. Finally at 8.30pm we have thunder and rain. How did your show go? Would you like to contribute some purple podded peas to my veggie show?

  7. It was fine here all day so hope it was fine for you too!


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